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Infinix Hot 10 - Complete Review, Specifications, Comparisons & Price - In Nigeria


This article has been carefully written based on the Newest released smartphone from Infinix Mobile under TRANSSION HOLDINGS. This is a gaming centric device that is believed to perform excellently well. But as we journey along this full review of the Infinix Hot 10, we will see if all the hype is worth it.

Permit me to remind you as usual on the fact that infinix and Tecno releases same device around same period of time. The only Differences is the branding logo and colour change that's it. So if you are not careful enough to go through various Reviews I have written on this blog, you mind end up buying the same device multiple times without knowing. And the circle continues on and on again.

Check the Comparisons section of this blog to be able to differentiate between similar phones. There I always state their differences, similarities, advantages and disadvantages of a particular device to the other.

And that's why you need to go through this article on an An eye Opener Before Buying a New Smartphone: Should I Dump My Current Phone For The Latest Device? to broaden your knowledge about Smartphones before purchasing any of them. I also stated clearly the 8 Features & Factors to Consider Before Buying any Smartphone or Android Device ( No. 4 Will Shock You) in 2020 So know what you want and forget about all the hype, then settle for your phone.

Recently, just without a space of a week Tecno mobile also released a similar Device into the smartphone market with the name Tecno Spark 6, after also releasing the New Tecno Pova. These are devices that are very similar in terms of functionality and I bet you you might develop headache trying to select from this catalogue of phones.


OS: XOS 7.0 based on Android 10.
Release Date: September 2020.
Network Type: 2G/3G/4G
Display: 6.78-inch, Infinity O display 720×1640 pixels resolution
Processor: Helio G70
Selfie Camera: 8 MP dual flash
Rear camera: 16 MP quad flash
RAM: 3-6 GB
ROM: 32-128 GB
Battery: 5000 mAh.
Phone Status: Official Released.


The Infinix Hot 10 is an upgrade to the infinix Hot 9 series. This is a device whose point of entry is basically due to its Chipset, the MediaTek Helio G70. And it's battery, the 5200 mAh battery. Another point worthy of note is the 6.78 inch infinity O display. These I will talk about in the full review of this phone.


The display of this device is one of the giant screens you could get around. These days displays are hardly below 6.5 such a giant trending designs.

The new generation is upgraded with a 6.78-inch large screen with a resolution up to 720x1640. Not that great for such a giant screen. The brightness level is around 460 nits which is great but not the best, especially in Nigeria where there is always a heavy sun. It could be difficult using this device under direct sunlight.

Visual desire wrestles with grip comfort. It shows the path between you and the world you explore. This large display enhances gaming and movie streaming. When reading or studying documents, you won't find it difficult due to the hug screen size. 

We are still waiting as to when better displays like Amoled will be used on devices like this. Although it will attract extra cost with it. The screen has no protection in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass. You have to settle for screen protectors popularly known as anti break.


The back is a plastic body crafted with laser engraving to create a visual perception of interlaced light and shadow. It can get damaged easily when it falls on a hard surface. Other brands are using higher materials for body designs and build such as Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both front and back. Check out XIAOMI DEVICES Thread for verifications. It is high time OEMs put an end to cheap body build protection.

The entire design is captivating though. It is sleek with low bezels. Although it carries extra weight with it due to the large battery and screen size. In all the body designs is alright.

The camera arrangements and the Camera bump is good. But you will need to apply casing to avoid damaging the camera glasses.

It has a dual SIM tray with a dedicated SD card slot at the left frame of the device. While the volume rocker and the power buttons can be found on the right frame.

The phone has a down firing speaker on the bottom of the phone with the mouth piece, 3.5mm jack cut out and a micro USB port in between. At the top is the earpiece for calls which was loud. The loudspeaker output was not the best though, as  It lacks bass.



Ladies and gentlemen, a 16 MP camera is the camera size you will see when you purchase this phone. A QUAD Camera AI set-up taking an F SHAPE with the flash light in-between the arrangements. QVGA is for Low light sensing which Featured Quad-LED flash, HDR, panorama and a Video at 1080p@30fps

The 40mm macro camera makes it easy to grasp the subtleties of the view and restore the sense of details. 16MP quad rear camera, super night view mode, like a night elf dancing in the bright galaxy.

Don't forget that there are 2 MP for depth sensing, 2 MP for macro and so on. But you will be amazed to notice that when you blocked these attached lenses the picture quality is not affected in any way. Meaning there are just there for fun and fashion.


An 8 MP wide camera is the basis for the selfie photo. It supports Video at 1080p which is at 30fps. AI smart beautification with a wide-angle front camera is what you will get with beautifying settings under the camera settings. The output of these cameras is not the best as they were lacking deep clarity and colour enhancement.

If you are going for this device, definitely you are not going for it because of photography but due to gaming if not you will sell it off as soon as possible. There are Devices that are photography focused, so check the Reviews section for that


OS: XOS 7.0 Android 10.

Release Date: September 2020.
Network Type: 2G/3G/4G
Display: 6.78-inch, 720×1640 pixels resolution
Processor: Helio G70
RAM: 3-6 GB
ROM: 32-128 GB
Battery: 5200 mAh.
Charging speed: 18W Max.
Phone Status: Official.
Ambient Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Fingerprint Sensor
Electronic Compass
Camera & Interface
8MP Front Camera with Dual Flash
16MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad Flash
Height: 171.23mm
Thickness: 9.4mm

Network & Connectivity

Unlike the the Tecno POVA and Tecno Spark 6, this device also  has a support for GSM, GPRS, FULL EDGE, 3G HSDPA+ and 4G LTE which is good for the device in terms of connectivity. The 4G support should enhance user gaming process especially on games that depends on internet connection. Although 4G is yet to be available in most part of Nigeria.

Other forms of connectivity supports include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio and On The Go OTG support. There are basic connectivity supports fabricated into this device.

When it comes to Music Support it can play PCM, AAC / AAC + / eAAC + / MP3 / AMR – NB / WB / APE. The Immersive Experience by DTS Sound. Thanks to DTS audio processing technology, you can level up the sound effect to entertain yourself more. Customize your personalized sound effects to enjoy better sound quality experiences in movies, music, and gaming at any time

An Audio jack support with the 3.5 mm audio jack available. The Loudspeaker is a Mono down firing speaker and a Video Support H.264/MP4/MPEG4 player embedded.


As a gaming device, Infinix thought it through to attached a hug giant Non-Removable Lithium-Polymer 5200 mAh battery seen for a long time on a device of this magnitude. This 5200 mAh battery was able to produce close to 18 hours of outright gaming 24 hours of heavy usage almost 2 days on light usage. This data's depends on an individual usage and other factors such as Network quality, screen backlight level.and so on. Expect a bit.of higher battery consumption due to the screen size is a big one.

The charging speed was capped at the moderately speed of 18W. Not bad though, but due to the high battery capacity I think that the charging speed should have been increased to probably 33W charging. Although it depends on if the Chipset support such a high charging speed calibration. It doesn't not support wireless or reversible charging ability.

Overall charging time using the 18W charging brick lasted for 3 hours. Too long for me. And this is when the device is turned off. But can get to about 4 hours if while charging, the device is being used at the same time. So know what you are buying.


Infinix Hot 10 has the finger print sensor used for unlocking the device. This sensor is placed on the back or the rear which is easily accessible without stress. It was fast but not faster enough. I think the problem has to be with the UI Optimization capabilities. Side mounted fingerprints have been the new trend these days but Infinix decided on sticking to the regular rear mounted fingerprint reader.

Other forms of security includes the Face unlock which makes the operation easier and faster. But it is not the safest though as I always said. Use this feature at your own risk. Android is yet to integrate the best face unlocking strategy that cannot be manipulated easily.

At the same time, the rear fingerprint unlock function conforms to mobile grasping habit. Photos can be shot in a snap with the finger print sensor. This is a great inclusion from Infinix. Only few brands supports these feature. We also have the constant pin, password or pattern as extra layer of security support and protection. One can opt to use any of these Security options as deem or seen fit.

Other forms of sensors include the G-Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor and an Electronic Compass. There is no NFC support.


In terms of user interface, Infinix are making progress, sincerely with few updates being released to their devices. The UI is the XOS version 7.0 which happens to be the latest version of Infinix skin customized on the Android 10 version. It is Designed for a Smarter Life and Easy Exclusive Exceeding every form of user experience.

It is confirmed that the XOS 7.0 features a new visual design with trendy and rich color to enhance excellent user experience. It is not only combined with intelligent features such as Smart Scanner, Ear-sensor Receiver, Ulife etc. This version of UI is customized to also boasts outstanding performance and latest native android features. There are few improvements to the notification bar icons and function.

In terms of power management, the UI is power consuming when statistics was carried on on the power usage based on Screen on time usage. I believe it could be fixed with system update when it is made available. The Ram management though is not that efficient.


The MediaTek Helio G70 Chipset is the processor of this device. I have seen numerous devices with the G series Chipsets from MediaTek. These include the G80 Chipset used on Redmi9 and Tecno Pova, the G85 Chipset used on Redmi Note 9 and the G90T Processor used on Redmi Note 8 Pro, Infinix Zero 8, and Tecno Camon 16 premier just to mention a few.

In terms of gaming, the HELIO G70 Chipset is believed to have an Excellent fluency and stability, an absolute joyous experience in gaming and media playing. Infinix could boast to themselves and the predecessors to the Hot series that this is the First ever Octa-core Helio G70 in HOT series. It has an intelligent management of CPU also known as the central Processing unit.

The  GPU  that is attached and extra memory to accompany it's functions. Gaming performance has been greatly improved according to Infinix, although if you are a newbie to gaming you could accept that. It Supports multi-tasking which has to do with rapid switch between tasks even during gaming.

Infinix also introduced the Game Mode Mobile customization which creates a more fascinating gaming experience for those with the device, with different modes of quality priority, equilibrium mode and smooth mode being on offer. The frame rate speed has increased by up to 125% and gaming time extended by up to 113% on a single charge due to optimized power consumption, and an overall wi-fi access time increase of 6.7%.

What is my take on this claims? We'll after using this device for a day, I could say that it was difficult enjoying gaming on this device after using the likes of Helio G90T Processor and the higher level of Snapdragon Processor used on Redmi Note 9 pro and Redmi Note 9S.
Switching from one app to the other during gaming possed a threat to the device as it was freezing. When I tried returning to the game it self, it has to reload itself due to its poor multitasking and optimizations processes.

If you want to multitask and enjoy this device it has to do with native apps not the Memory demanding and power seeking apps. When it comes to browsing, social media usage and light Gaming processes the device responded effectively as expected.

Due to its fabrication and the size of the Chipset, the processor is a power consuming Monga. So prepare for that.


Infinix Hot 10  has the following Colours all which are enticing.
  • Obsidian Black, 
  • Amber Red, 
  • Moonlight Jade, 
  • Ocean Wave
So there you have it in terms of colour as there are options to choose from.


The price circulating is around $155 which is around N62, 000 in Nigeria. Not to bad for a device of such. But it remains to be seen if it will officially go at this price in Nigeria.


This device is being sold in many outlet in Nigeria, but you can from the comfort of your home purchase this device from Jumia Here  or Konga Here  online malls And would be delivered to your doorstep.

  • In the Box

  • Phone * 1
  • Charger cable * 1
  • Charger * 1


  • What are the advantages of Infinix Hot 10
  • Huge 5200 mAh battery
  • Giant 6.78 screen display size
  • Gaming MediaTek Helio G70 Chipset


  • Poor 16 MP Camera
  • Weight
  • Charging speed
  • Design and protection
  • Micro USB port used
  • Price.


Honestly, it ain't worth it. There are other budget phones that provide better quality. Forget about price or if it's in the latest fashion, It ain't just worth it. Quality Matters. Check out Xiaomi Redmi 9 using a bit higher processor for example. The price difference is what you will consider. 

The phone is good am not trying to dispute that. But what am saying is that you could get a better product for a lesser price from other brands.

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