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An eye Opener Before Buying a New Smartphone: Should I Dump My Current Phone For The Latest Device?


Hey guys, in this article I will be writing series of articles regarding some of the peculiar Questions and problems I have been facing from peers and friends alike.

This are Questions that bothers my heart anytime I hear someone saying something contrary to the fact on the reason for getting a particular Mobile phone across all brands.

It might interest you to know that youths of today or nowadays youths are captured by fancy and the enticing nature of Smartphones designs. These designs are fantastic and great from the producers point of view but from the end user point of view it's all about fashion and distractions because they do not even mind the reasons of acquiring a smartphone in the first place.

Journey with me today as I answer this particular Question or statement being made by educated illiterates of our time, who feels they could use biological knowledge in the aspect of telecommunications and Electronics Engineering. Needless to say that I studied Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering which has given me and edge in this topic of discussion.

The Question or statement is; Perolski I want to dump my current phone for the latest device in town, What do you think?

My friend, the question is not all about "what do you think"? You are just waiting for a confirmation from Perolski in aligning himself to your level of thinking and agreeing with you in purchasing the latest device. And when he is NOT in agreement with you, you then conclude within your self that, He is old fashioned and does not know whats up. Well Kudos to you that Knows whats up.

You just asked if you are to dump your current smartphone or device for a new one because the new one in Question happens to just be released, without properly taking all precautionary measures in diligently carrying out a research about your current device and the latest device in question.

Do you even ask your self this simple question that "does my current phone serves it purpose in performing all the basic tasks I demand from a smartphone"? 

Phone users varies from person to persons depending on what you are using your smartphone for. For example some people play mobile games a lot. When am talking about mobile games am not talking about WHOT, TEMPLE RUN, SNOOKER etc they are just child's play. The games am referring to are CALL OF DUTY COD, PUBG, NEED FOR SPEED, WWE 2K21 GAMES, ASPHALT, PES 2021, FIFA 21 etc and you will see them buying toys and expect those toys to game properly?

It's not possible my friend is like you are over loading a  FOAL with a load meant for a matured Donkey, that FOAL would crash and freeze at the same time.

In one of my articles where I wrote intensively the 8 factors to consider before buying a mobile phone, I made it known plainly to go for a device that would suit your needs based on your area of utilisation. After going through that article there won't be any man any where that could confuse and convince you at the same time in buying what might not add value to your satisfaction.

 You said that your phone is becoming obsolete because it has just spent one year after production, or because an OEM just released a new model or call it an upgraded model of your phone probably from the same brand. Or from another brand, all that matters is Newest and latest in town right?

 That is what you care about not minding the similarities and differences in the device you currently have and the one you are about going for.

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My friend, you are on your own, you would continue to buy the same device countless number of times and all at a higher price wasting your resources. I call such kind of people or I tagged them Resources wasters or even educated illiterates who blindly venture into a retail shop without proper knowledge of the device and most of these individuals have even studied at higher levels. 

Now I ask "What is the function or usefulness of the research course or work you did in school? " These are the little areas where they are applicable.

Common, most of these latest devices still uses or maintain the same Processor, camera size and even Ram and ROM sizes. But because of 1000mAh Differences in battery or a larger screen size or just a reshaping or redesigning of a device with a different colour and logo design,  then you decided to dump a better device for an inferior interior device, without proper investigation, Comparisons and Differences in the devices.

 My friend I repeat, you are a resources WASTER. If there is a word of such nature at all. But from today, you will be delivered. Let me hear your response. And you shall be liberated from the attitude of I want to show them that I have arrived. My guy, you don't need to change devices like clothes before your friends will know that you have arrived. You can settle down know what you want from a device or phone, then gather the monitor the best among the rest, purchase and use it for at least two to three years.

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 And if you are lucky to use brands that sends update and security patches monthly then your so called old device might look old hardware wise but user interface wise your phone is up to date performing tasks at high velocity and acceleration coupled with efficiency.

Permit me to share this with you. There was this guy in my neighborhood who bought a Gionee M6 and after sometimes Gionee Released Gionee A1 and this guy sold his M6 and bought A1 with a bit lesser Specifications. He was rejoicing that he bought the latest device in town and when I heard it I was just mad at his intellectual disabilities.

Am not saying selling your device to get another one is bad because for some it is a way of business while to others it's is an opportunity and they used to say that opportunity comes but ones.

My article is to assist those who need a device or phone that could serve their need and make them settle for some years before thinking of changing their phones. 

Permit me to mention brands. Brands like INFINIX and Tecno derive pleasure in changing just either camera megapixel size, or screen size, or battery size, or camera placement, or RAM and ROM size and sometimes just colour and design and another name would be given to the device. These are OEMs and many others that derive pleasure in releasing new phones monthly without proper additional Features.

Take for example the new INFINIX Zero 8 and the New Tecno Camon 16 premier currently making waves in Nigerian market. An ignorant fellow will praise one over the other without properly Comparing between Tecno Camon 16 premier  Vs INFINIX Zero 8.

One might even buy INFINIX Zero 8 and sell it out to buy Tecno Camon 16 premier or vice versa without knowing that these are just the same devices in all aspects, the only difference is just the brand names. 

If you are conversant with Branding you will also realized that both Tecno and INFINIX are owned by TRANSSION Holdings. So what's the essence of ditching a particular one for the other. Please remember that am not castigating a particular brand, just laying down the facts based on Specifications and features.

Or just imagine this case scenario where a Redmi Note 8 Pro user is selling out or ditching off his or her device for either Tecno Camon 16 premier  or INFINIX Zero 8 without knowing that all are using the same Chipset, the HELIO G90T PROCESSOR. And he might be ignorantly happy doing that.

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Now do you need to change your phone based on latest versions of released phones or smartphones?

The answer can be only a binary answer YES OR NO without  an in-between.

Yes;  in the sense that if you have bought the wrong device for the right purpose or job or 

No:  If you have gotten the right device for the right purpose or job

Permit me to elaborate, I said yes because most of OEMs devices and pro versions in particular are more powerful than the Meir base versions. For example, Redmi Note 9 pro is better than Redmi Note 9 or Redmi Note 8 Pro  is better than Redmi Note 8. Now based on activities and tasks you could upgrade for a better output and efficiency it is understandable. 

But you changing Redmi Note 8 for Redmi Note 9  or Redmi Note 8 Pro for Redmi Note 9S or Redmi Note 9 pro is totally unacceptable and unwise because when you actually compare their Specifications, they share almost the same features. You can see that.

Please You need to read the article I wrote about Features and Specifications to consider before buying a mobile phone to be properly groomed and oriented and thereby making life easier for your self.

I said no because when we look at the scenario whereby a Samsung A51 user is ditching his or her phone for Redmi Note 8 or Oppo Realme c3, or Nokia 7.2 and Oppo A92 it's like buying the same phone three times. Reasons because these underlined devices are almost sharing the same features but their prices differs when compared side by side.

So you can see the need of proper research before stepping out of your doorstep and taking a trip to Retail shop for the sole purpose of changing your device which to you is upgrading a device.

Remember that OEMs will continue to produce devices or phones so long as there is life and technology continues to evolve and advancing daily.

It's now left for you to sit down and get for your self a device that can comfortably perform your desired task as at when required without hitches and the device that could still be relevant even after three to four years of usage. 

Am not saying the device won't depreciate, it will but in terms and smartphones most the part that depreciate and it is noticeably noticed is just the battery life. And these days things are becoming easier as extra battery can be purchased and used when depreciated. So there is no cause for alarm of any kind whatsoever.

I will soon be dropping another all important article in response to similar questions. Don't forget to check back and share or refer your friends and foes to this blog for solution. You are welcome!!!

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