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TECNO Spark 5 - Complete Review/Price/Guide After Several Months Of Usage

 TECNO Spark 5 - Complete Review/Guide to Tecno Spark 5(Global) PROS & CONS (Before you Buy)


Tecno Spark 5 is a mobile phone and device that was launched late 2019 specifically as a Low end budget phone. This device promises a great deal of smooth function based on its ability and capabilities as regards the microprocessor.

This device is running on the MediaTek Helio A22 Chipset. If correctly optimized could perform wonders.

    • Tecno spark 5 in summary 

    • Screen size = 6.6" 720x1600 pixels
    • Main Camera = 13MP 1080p
    • RAM & CHIPSET = 2GB RAM Helio A22 Octa-core processor
    • BATTERY SIZE = 5000mAh Li-Po


Here is the full review of the device.

As earlier mentioned this is a late 2019 device with a giant screen coupled with one of the best range of battery available in the market.

This device should be compared with devices like the Redmi 7, Redmi 8a, Redmi 9a, Redmi 9c etc.


The display placed on this device is a whopping large 6.6 inches screen. A very long phone to be precise. If you are to measure this device with a ruler in centimetres, it should be  about 17cm long depending on how wide the screen is.

So this device feels heavy in the hand from user experience. During operation you would have to use both hands to support this device in order to avoid accident of such.

 The Pixels resolution is 720 by 1600 a low pixel display. Other brands have forfeited this pixel for a higher one. 

But the good thing is Tecno and other brands Alike are gradually improving on this area as Tecno Camon 16 premier is debuting with over 1080p. 

This giant screen is also housing a punch hole for the front facing camera at the top left side of the screen. This would not pose a threat whatsoever to the display.

An IPS LCD screen is used on this device. At least you wouldn't expect more than this from a budget friendly device.

 So this is a normal display used today for a budget friendly devices even the top mid rangers so called across most brands are still using an LCD SCREEN. So do not be irritated with the display as it functions brightly.

So therefore, if you intend on purchasing this device, the display or screen size should not put you off as the giant screen advantages outweighs it's disadvantages.

But honestly speaking there are other brands currently doing better in terms of low end budget devices at an affordable rate.


In case you are not aware or have little or no knowledge about microprocessors. 

A microprocessor or Chipset in a lay man language is the brain and engine behind the overall functionality and direct control of your device. 

It accepts, process, stores and produce desire results within split seconds. So the more powerful a processor is the faster and better it produces results.

So folks today could purchase a device of this sort and expect it to perform Andre the Giant wonders without considering the technology and brain behind the device which is absurd. 

As listed in the 8 Features & Factors to Consider Before Buying any Smartphone or Android Device ( No. 4 Will Shock You) in 2020, If you have read and understood the post purchasing this device should come with least expectations.

You must ask and respond to these questions before proceeding.

Do you know what you want from your device?
What is your budget as you are about to get a device? And can the device you about to purchase grant you or provide you with your desires

These are few questions you need to answer your self before regretting your actions of purchasing any device.

This chip can serve you moderately when using light applications and games. If you want to use this device for heavy demanding apps then you would be disappointed because of the results you would be getting.

Facebooking, twittering, Instagram IMG, browsing, chatting, playing light games should be the order of the day on this device.

From my experience this Chipset gets heated when either using heavy apps,video recording, charging and or using the device while charging. 

Though few of these could be reduced with good OS optimization but the HIOS still has a lot of optimization waiting to be perfected.


The storage capped on this device is 32GB of ROM where all the data's and files are stored permanently while the RAM which assist the Chipset to function properly is capped at 2GB. This is too low for me as it has the ability to truncate or reduce the level of multitasking. 

Meaning you can not open an open then minimize and then return to it again after 5 minutes expecting to continue from where you stop. Instead the app will reload that page afresh.

This is one of the main disadvantage of the device. But that should not be a problem since you as an individual is aware of the device limitations before purchasing.

Added to this category is a dedicated SD CARD SLOT for additional storage incase the internal storage of 32GB is not enough. So here you are without any reason to complain at all.
The only downside in this aspect is just the RAM size 


I know that the battery placed on this device is really tempting as it would serve for a long time, having a long Screen on Screen time of almost 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous usage.

The battery size is a whopping 5000mAh non removable battery supporting 10W charging speed at the maximum.

Although the charging speed is slow which could last up to 2 and half hours to get fully charge, but it should not come as a surprised based on its price. 

The battery life of this device is good if not for the giant screen that consumes power more and the overheating of the micro processor. But in all it is a good one.

Camera Performance

The main camera is a 13MP camera with an 8MP front camera. Am a bit disappointed because the main camera performance was almost as the 8MP camera.
I know that the camera optimization is responsible for this and Tecno should fix this with system update. If you compare.the performance of this camera with the likes of Gionee M5 and Redmi phones you would know exactly what am talking about. 
The beauty filters and other filters are poorly affecting photos taken with this device.

The front facing camera is not left out as it is an 8MP camera. Don't expect much and you might be satisfied with it's output, who knows? After all it's been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Body Build

The body build of this device is made of plastic material at the back and at the frame. So in terms of premium feel this is not that kind of device. The weight of the battery coupled with a giant screen size added extra weight to this device. 
So the build quality is averagely constructed.


This device came with Android 10 attached to this is the unique Tecno skin called HIOS 6.1. not the best though but good to go. This android version is power efficient and it should add extra juice to the battery life of this device. 
The downside in the aspect is the buggy and heavy nature of the HIOS Which came preinstalled with some bloat wares. Try to uninstall them though.


The connectivities embedded into this device are from 1G network to 4G Networks with a support for dual Sims. So at least with a stable 3G and 4G Networks you shouldn't have a problem browsing or surfing the net or even downloading at high speed internet connection. 
Furthermore, it supports a Bluetooth connectivity, a WiFi connection, Hotspot connection and so on.
So the connection capabilities on this device are moderately fabricated as usual.


This device speaker is loud but not the best sound quality you could get. The loudspeaker and the earpiece were loud enough during phone calls and you should not struggling with hearing during phone calls.

Next is the finger print sensor that this device came with which is a booster to the rating of this device. It is placed at the back close to the camera configurations and it is easy to reach and fast when used.

There is also a 3.5mm jack for headphones and earphones. Meaning you don't have to rely on the loud speaker at all times for your music or video listening pleasure

The traditional USB 2.0 is used here as charging and connection port. At least I expected this device to come with USB type C as it is with the trend nowadays.

FM radio is supported on this device incase you derive pleasure in listening to radio stations of your choice. An additional bonus

Finally this device supports GPS for location tracking and other features. 


Ladies and gentlemen the colours of this device are in 4 Different forms which include

  • Ice Jadeite, 
  • Spark Orange, 
  • Vacation Blue, 
  • Misty Grey

Which ever colour you decide on choosing, I presumed that you won't regret your decision it's just a matter of colour.


The current price of this device is N50, 000 in Nigeria. Wow, this is a high price for a device tagged a low end device. If you check out devices like Redmi 9a, Redmi 9c and others we are supposed to categorize at the same level based on battery size, screen, performance and processors are selling at a lesser price. Why N50k?

The price tag on this device is really high, but if you are ok with it ticking all the boxes based on your expectations from a mobile device, then you have no reason to doubt your self.
You can purchase it from reliable online platform like from Jumia Here and Konga Here   those are the places WHERE TO BUY In Nigeria.


I will end by saying this, am not in any wise bashing this phone but based on performance and Specifications and in Comparisons with other brands around us I will say that this device really has a competition from all end that could sway potential buyers away frantically, sincerely and realistically.

But as a fan and a user of Tecno devices for long, one may be ok with this. Whichever way is ok. But I just took out some minutes out of my time to enlighten you as individuals on this device.

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