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Oppo Realme C3 - Complete Review, Specifications & Price - Based on User Experience

This is the OPPO Realme C3 complete review based on features, usage statistics, it's performance and it's stand out points.

  • Screen size = 6.5" 720 x 1560 pixels
  • Main Camera = 12MP 1080p
  • RAM & CHIPSET = 2-4GB RAM Helio G70 Octa-core processor
  • BATTERY SIZE = 5000mAh Li-Po


Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to your reading pleasure today the full review of Oppo Realme C3 based on usage and statistics around the web and from different users.

This is a February 2020 launched device, so in terms of production it is still new in the market. 

OPPO is a well known brand in other countries but are gaining grounds in Nigerian market gradually.

They mostly focused on midrange devices but their devices are not usually the best in terms of budget friendly.

The price fixed on their devices are sometimes exuberant and extravagant when compared with devices using same batteries, Chipset and others.

As we delve further into this review, I will show you exactly what this device could and could not do as per performance ratio wise.


This device should be compared with devices like the Redmi 7, Redmi 8a, Redmi 9a, Redmi 9c, Tecno spark 5 etc. Based on similar features contained in these devices.

As revealed in factors to consider before buying a mobile phone. The following are Oppo Realme C3 features


A 6.5 inch LCD CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREEN was used here as it is the trend with smartphones nowadays. It has 84% screen to body ratio which makes this device very compact and holdable in the hand. 

The resolution used on this large screen is just 720 by 1560 pixel which is very poor to my liking.

The display quality won't be upto par with other devices supporting a higher resolutions.

In terms of screen protection, a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 was used here common to Samsung devices while almost all Xiaomi devices come protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 both at the front and back which makes them unique in their own ways.

The screen has a mini drop display for the front facing camera to fit in.

As advertised the highest nits brightness is a 480. In a Way using this device under direct sunlight was not that bad but was not that good either because of the reflection of sun rays on the screen. So you have to be conscious of that before purchasing this device

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Guys, the Chipset on this device is the MediaTek Helio G70 Octa-core processor. Remember the G there stands for Gaming which invariably tells you that you can Game with this device. But when compared with Redmi 9A , Redmi9 and higher Redmi brands the gaming on this device is not the best output you could get. 

The prominent issue here during gaming was the heating issue. This device was really hot when play PUGB on it.

The Realme UI is one of the best you could get around but most times poor optimization and poor Chipset renders a device powerless and unproductive.

But in terms of performance this Chipset outweighs the result gotten from Tecno Spark 5 and Redmi 9C, Redmi 9A while the likes of Redmi 9 with Hello G80 and Redmi Note 9 with Hello G85 processors outweighs the  performance

In terms of processing speed this device wouldn't disappoint you especially if you are purchasing this device for day to day use only with much heavy tasking activities on the device.

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The storage unit placed on this device is a 

  • 32GB 2GB RAM, 
  • 32GB 3GB RAM, 
  • 64GB 4GB RAM, 
  • 64GB 3GB RAM

The Variant common in Nigeria is the 64GB of storage and 3GB RAM of temporary activities.

With this storage you should have enough space for storing movies, apps, music, etc


Ladies and gentle if it were before the battery capacity placed on this device would have gotten many Gobsmacked but right now one would not really be placed under such a feeling due to its battery capacity and you want to know why? Its because 5000mAh battery is not special these days. 

It is common across numerous brands. So one especially me would not put the battery capacity as the number one feature to look out for since its common. But nonetheless it is a feature to consider due to power issues in Nigeria.

Am sure you would be in love with this battery capacity due to its strong nature of 5000mAh capacity. 

I know that the battery placed on this device is really tempting as it would serve for a long time, having a long Screen on Screen time of almost 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous usage.

The battery size is a whopping 5000mAh non removable battery supporting 10W charging speed at the maximum.

Although the charging speed is slow which could last up to 2 and half hours to get fully charge, but it should not come as a surprised based on its price. 

The battery life of this device is good if not for the giant screen that consumes power more and the overheating of the micro processor. But in all it is a good one.

As advertised on Oppo official website, this battery has the capability of upto 30days standby, in other words it means when fully charged it could be dropped unused for 3days before the battery could fully drain itself.

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It was also claimed that "Massive 5000mAh battery gives a super long battery life and with reverse charging, you can even use it as a power bank to charge other devices".

It is also claimed that during the following activities the battery could last up to the following:
  • 1. 43.9 hours of continuous phone calls
  • 2. 19.4 hours of online music streaming
  • 3. 20.8 hours online movies
  • 4. 25.6 hours of continuous navigation
  • 5. PugB 10.6 hours.

But after my test, these were my outcome

  • 1. 23 hours of continuous phone calls
  • 2. 14 hours of online music streaming
  • 3. 13 hours online movie
  • 4. 20 hours of continuous navigation
  • 5. PugB 6 hours of continuous usage

This battery states would drop as the days go by during the lifetime of the device.
But average the battery capacity functioned as expected.


The main camera is a 12MP AI camera with an 2MP front camera. The camera performance wasn't bad as it's beautiful filters added more beauty to the picture Quality. But I believe can be improved with further future system update.

The front facing camera is not left out as it is an 5MP camera. Don't expect much from its output but it's averagely ok based on the mega pixel camera size attached on it.

In terms of pictures, you won't be left disappointed during usage when and if you decide to opt for this device. 

But if you are a camera freak please increase your budget and go for a higher brands with better camera megapixel and better optimizations.


The body build of this device is made of plastic material at the back and at the frame while on the front a gorilla glass 3 was used as a protective protection on this device's screen which is a good addition. 

So in terms of premium feel it feels cool on the hand and averagely ok. The weight of the battery coupled with a giant screen size added extra weight to this device upto about 196grams really heavy right but still normal.

So the build quality is is better than those placed on other brands of its range, let's say Tecno spark 5 but certainly not Redmi 9A or Redmi 9C.


The platform or operating system called OS is the Android version 10 with Realme UI 1.0 out of the box. In terms of OEM personalized UI, REALME UI is one of the best among the currently trending best custom UI associated with different brands.

As advertised on their official website "The brand new realme UI is based on the original design concept and draws inspiration from simple objects in life. It looks elegant and at the same time improves the user-experience. The app-launch time is reduced by 14%, RAM usage reduced by 20%, and battery life increased by 40%".

I believe that You wouldn't regret getting this device in terms of UI fluidity, performance and optimization.


The connectivities embedded into this device are from 1G network to 4G Networks with a support for dual Sims. So at least with a stable 3G and 4G Networks you shouldn't have a problem browsing or surfing the net or even downloading at high speed internet connection. 

Furthermore, it supports a Bluetooth connectivity, a WiFi connection, Hotspot connection and so on.
So the connection capabilities on this device are ok.


This device speaker is loud but not the best sound quality you could get. The loudspeaker and the earpiece were loud enough during phone calls and you should not struggling with hearing during phone calls.

Next is the finger print sensor which is NOT available on this device. So in terms of security you would have to settle for pattern or pin or password as means of security into this device. That is really a downside to this device.

There is also a 3.5mm jack for headphones and earphones. Meaning you don't have to rely on the loud speaker at all times for your music or video listening pleasure

The traditional USB 2.0 is used here as charging and connection port. At least I expected this device to come with USB type C as it is with the trend nowadays.

FM radio is supported on this device incase you derive pleasure in listening to radio stations of your choice. An additional bonus

Finally this device supports GPS for location tracking and other features.


Guys this device has 2 colours. The colours of this device are in 2 Different forms which include

Which ever colour you decide on choosing, I presumed that you won't regret your decision it's just a matter of colour.
  • Frozen Blue and 
  • Blazing Red


The current price of this device is N60, 000 in Nigeria. Nah this is too high a price for a device without finger print sensor and with a low camera megapixel. 

The processor is the standing out point here on this device. Do not forget that this device is a low end phone not even midrange device so why the high price? 

If you check out devices like Tecno spark 5, Redmi 9a, Redmi 9c and others we are supposed to categorize at the same level based on battery size, screen, performance and processors are selling at a lesser price.

  • The price tag on this device is really high, but if you decide to purchase this device, it should be based on the following:
  • 1. Chipset
  • 2. Battery
  • 3. Screen that's it.
  • You can purchase it from reliable online platform like from Jumia Here and Konga Here   those are the places WHERE TO BUY In Nigeria.


Gone are the days when these devices were selling at less than N30k in Nigeria, but things have changed including the inconsistency of Naira to dollars.
But in all this device selling price should fall between N30k to N40k mark.

If you don't expect much from your device but want a strong Chipset at a low price then this is your device as it is manageable.

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