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Is This What You Have been Waiting For? Complete Review/Guide to the Beast - Samsung Galaxy M51 A Mid-Ranger in a Premium Outfit starting price N165, 000 in Nigeria ($425)

A lovely moment with you guys. This is the Samsung Galaxy M51 Complete review. Its PROS and CONS While Samsung Galaxy M51 was released Second week of September it may interest you to know that recently I was able to talk about  Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 the presumed upgrade to Redmi Note 8 that was released a year ago.
As it was with  the new Redmi Note 9S and the almighty Redmi Note 9 Pro. Practically speaking Samsung  Galaxy M51 can only be compared with the likes of Xiaomi Redmi K30 and  NOT K30 Pro since they are not using the same processor while the like of  Redmi Note 8 Pro should be competing with the likes of Infinix Zero 8 and Tecno Camon 16 PREMIER.


This device has all it takes to be named a flagship mid-range device. it is unique, fantastic with premium design and feel in the hand. It is entirely different but closely related to Redmi Note 9S  and Redmi Note 9 Pro but definitely better in terms of processor. You can check out my comparisons in the forum. 

Samsung Galaxy M51 is our main focus today and it is a killer  mid range monstrous device with a premium feel all over. This device is a beast of its kind fabricated with a whopping 7000mAh battery which is one of the key focal point of this device.

As it is with Samsung devices hardly will you find a battery capacity above the 4000mAh mark but the jink has been broken with this device as it promises a great deal of success in all ramifications.

What’s it with this phone? And how does this device relates and performs when it is compared with others? Join me as I take you round the  review process.




This device carries a hug 6.7inch display almost what is found in the like of Redmi Note 9S and Note 9 Pro. A 1080 by 2340 pixel display with a 385 ppi display density. 

the screen at this time is not the popularly known LCD screens nor just the AMOLED display, but at this time it carries a giant SUPER AMOLED display screen one of the best displays around till date.  the kind of displays found on most flagship and mid range xiaomi devices. 

This is not a bad addition at all because the user of this product would and will conveniently enjoy this display in terms of movies at HD levels, Gaming, Photography and in general the overall text look of the screen. 

with this display am sure the Amoled lovers would in a way find it difficult on which device to choose out of the range of prominent devices after its kind. 

In all, this is a display to cherish and enjoy as the score here is Excellent.


This area of discussion is always important to Tech-Gurus or permit me to used the word tech-Savvy individuals especially those in need for speed, efficiency, Reliability, performance and productivity. 

The Snapdragon 730G (8nm) is a notorious processor when compared with other brands in its range of fabrications. this is the immediate successor to the Snapdragon 720G used in Redmi Note 9S and Its Pro counterpart. 
Due to its 8 nanometre nature this chipset is a power saving Chipset. Accompanied with an Octa-core processors made of gold and silver sufficient for efficiency. 

Adreno 618 GPU is attached to it mainly for heavy duty task and power demanding activities. Meaning this device should play all the games you can think of conveniently without hitches or lagging in any way.

But you should know that this chipset is 4G supported only as it does not have the 5G modern installed into it. So if you are in an environment with 5G network am afraid you have to settle for less.


 The Well known Samsung's oneUI is skinned on the normal android 10 version. 
this is the next android version to the latest which is Android 11.
In terms of performance and smoothness the oneUI has added an extra layer of performance to this behemoth beast in the form of a smartphone device. 

And as it is with the trend on Samsung devices I can affirm that the Android 11 would be available to this device as soon as it is ready and rolling out. 

the optimization carried out on this device is perfect in terms of camera, gameplay, and other software related functions with a whole lot of changes and addition to the notification panel. 
 So if you decide to purchase this device you can braze up and get ready for at least 2-3 years of System update on a regular basis.

This device is having two storage variant in the form of 128GB 6GB RAM and 128GB 8Gb RAM with an additional space for an SD card. the storage and RAM available should ease multitasking processes.


The Quad-core camera set-up is still in play even as 2020 is ending. i was able to find penta camera on only Xiaomi MI 10 series.

The camera arrangements took the L- shape form with the LED flash at the middle beside the centre camera. 
The First camera at the far top is the 5MP camera for depth sensing purpose and it was able to help in retaining the minutest detail even after several zooming process.
Next to it at the Middle is the main Camera having a 64MP rating producing a sharp, smart, and beautiful pictures one could find any where. But do not forget that devices Like Redmi Note 8 Pro (the Pioneer of this camera), Redmi Note 9 ProInfinix Zero 8 and Tecno Camon 16 PREMIER. are all using the same camera. But it remain to be seen which is the best based on optimization capability.

After that is the 12MP ultra wide camera with the ability of a filed view capped at 123 degrees. This is really interesting and should be able to cover a whole lot of range within a small space.

The last and not the least is the 5MP Macro lens for close-ups pictures as described by Samsung themselves. in a way this could pick up avery tiny object and still retain its details after severall level of zooming process even though you are not close to the object. This is really cool to say the least.

So based on CAMERA this is a perfect device for a perfect purpose but remember other brands are excellently doing well in terms of camera.

In terms of video mode This device shoots at 1080P without problems even a 4K videos were stable and detailed both @30fps
With the beauty filters everything came out smooth and mouth-watering.


 The front facing Camera is a 32MP camera capable of recording videos at 1080p at 30fps without hitches. this is one of the best selfie camera you could find around most of the devices around.

Although Infinix and Tecno Used 48MP as front facing cameras in their latest release of devices in the form of Tecno Camon 16 Premier and Infinix Zero 8.

So the overall score is excellent.


As seen above the Build quality of this device is great with a 9.5mm thickness and weighing in at about 213 grams really a weighty device. But the reason is evident which include a giant battery and a large screen size. you should be able to endure this. 

The body is made of plastic both back and frame and then the screen is protected with a corning gorilla glass 5? no it is a corning Gorilla glass  3 again. I wished Samsung would disappoint me with this but nahhhhh. Samsung and gorilla glass 3 being used in the front only has been a marriage made in heaven. It remain to be seen when this trend would change.

in terms of the body ,materials am not really impressed because devices and OEM made by Xiaomi are all enjoying gorilla Glass 5 both front and back. 

Samsung needs to wake up in this regard.

As seen the colours are Celestial Black and Electric Blue colours and I think the blue is standing out among them both.

This device supports Bluetooth 5.0, A wifi Support, NFC availability, Radio, GPS and a 3.5mm jack for audio.
The loudspeaker is not the Best but its output is moderate.  


 Guys this might be the notoriously stand out selling point of this device. this is the only thing it has apart from other devices of its kind, yes am talking about the magnificent 7000mAh battery constructed and embedded into this device.

With a USB type C, this device supports a 25W fast charging capability which would roughly take 115 minutes to fully charge to 100% from 0% as advertised. 

It also Supports a Reversible charging process meaning it can be used to charge other devices. And since the 7000mAH battery is a Power bank on its own i think it is a good additional process. 

What Am Not satisfied with is the 25W fast charging being capped on this device. Some devices with a lesser battery sizes are charging at 33W fast charging and even 64W fast charging. 

So I think samsung should have included at least the 33W fast charging speed process or even more. With that being said these device could take 2 hours + to fully charge. you can prove me wrong though.


The pricing of this device might put off many when compared with Redmi K30 itself which is selling way below this. But I would not blame Samsung due to the Super Amoled screen being used here but that should not be a yardstick based on competitions around the corner.

This device when available in Nigeria would be available for around N165, 000 in Nigeria ($425). Really expensive. 

This is the major disadvantage of this device, Its pricing.

So what would you be expecting in the box? 

The list is as follows:

A type C to type C data cable

A Power Adapter 25W

A sim ejection Pin

A user manual.

It may interest you to know that earphone or earpiece was not stated here as samsung are into ear bud business with the like of Apple Iphone, Xiaomi's Devices etc. 


Conclusively, this is a typically great device as it ticks almost all the boxes. the PROS outweighs The CONS. so this device could be recommended to anyone who could afford it.

The only downside is the Price, body build and protection and the charging speed if not this is a perfect device. 

So I would recommend this device to any one whose budget falls within this price range because this device almost tick all boxes without competition.

Drop your comments below. .


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