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Redmi K30 - Complete Review, Specifications, Comparisons & Price - In Nigeria


Welcome to the Redmi K30 Review, Specifications, Comparisons and current Price in Nigeria. Would this device be a good deal? because you could in a way Compare this device with  Samsung M51

  • How does It performs side by side with devices closed to it?
  • These and more are questions we need to answer as i review this device based on ser experience.


Even though this device was launched December 2019, We could assume that this is a 2020 level device. The processor used on this device is a powerful one and only few devices in 2020 are using this Processor. 
The Redmi K30 is a powerful mid range mobile phone that has a flagship functionality level.
This is a very beautiful device and based on performance, this device standard cannot be over emphasized. 
Join me as I formally review device after a long time of usage.

  • In summary
  • Screen size = 6.67" 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • Main Camera = 64MP 2160p
  • RAM & CHIPSET = 6/8GB RAM Snapdragon 730G Octa-core processor
  • BATTERY SIZE = 4500mAh Li-Po

Here is the full review of the device.

This device based on performance, screen size, camera and Chipset is slightly above the Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 9 pro, Tecno Camon 16 premierINFINIX Zero 8 , Redmi Note 8 Pro etc. Am yet to see a device that I could use in comparing to this device because this is a powerful phone. 
As earlier mentioned, it was launched back in December and I can categorically tell you that only few units of this device are available in Nigeria.
Usually the Redmi Note series are the most prominent in the Nigerian market as we await the entrance of flagship device into Nigeria formerly.


The display on this device is a large one, a 6.67 inch LCD display and I think the design used on the Redmi Note 9 pro and Redmi Note 9S were borrowed from this device. 
This large display came in with a 1080 by 2400 pixel display, A fantastic one from Xiaomi. 
I am in love with this display as it was large enough for HD movies and gaming at high resolutions. The only downside is this device not using an Amoled screen although the Redmi K30 Pro uses that.
It has approximately 395 ppi density with a Brightness level above 500 nits mark. 

The screen to body ratio is also great capped at approximately 85%, not to bad but I think they should have done better.

On the display is a cut out for a dual selfie camera support which added more beauty to the device. But if you are not a fan of punch holes on the screen then you wouldn't be happy with this provisions.

Importantly, the screen of the Redmi K30 has a 120Hz refresh rate support. Wow this is really interesting because the fluidity on this screen is just fantastic in times of scrolling, gameplay and so on. 
But you should know that the higher the screen refresh rate the higher the battery consumption.
So you should not be surprised seeing your battery draining fast especially when Gaming.

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The Snapdragon 730G powerful gaming processor with an 8nm fabrication for power efficiency is used on this device. You don't need to be told that this Processor is an upgrade to the Snapdragon 720G used on both Redmi Note 9 pro and 9S devices.

During gameplay, I was really really gobsmacked and  amazed at the output efficiency and effectiveness of this micro processor.

There was no lagging at all during gameplay even heating level was below 40 degrees after heavy gameplay and even multitasking.

I was able to edit site files, edit videos for YouTube and other heavy stuffs at ease due to this potent processor.
I can tell you affirmatively that you won't regret getting this beast for your self as a special gift.

Adreno 618 GPU was attached along with an Octa-core CPU to the Snapdragon 730G Processor. 
I can't be able to narrate all but this Processor comes with speed of light in terms of functionality, smooth, efficient, reliable and super abundantly eloquent.



The internal storage on the Redmi K30 are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB variants. Meaning if you need an extra storage capacity you could choose the storage variant that suits you.
Added to this is a provision for an SD card slot but its uses shared SIM card slot. I can paraphrase this to say that this device SD card slot is a non dedicated slot.
If you want to use an SD card you would have a sacrifice one of your SIM cards to accommodate it.


The inbuilt RAM are 2 Different configurations which includes the 6GB and 8GB of RAM space. This would go along way in aiding the performance efficiency of this device when associated with the powerful processor embedded into this beauty.
This is how the memory configurations looks like

  • 64GB ROM 6GN RAM
  • 128GB ROM 6GB RAM (Currently available in Nigeria)
  • 128GB ROM 8GB RAM
  • 256GB ROM 8GB RAM

So which ever option is alright for you as an individual you could decide to opt for it peacefully and with comfort.


A 64MP main camera is attached onto this device. If you could recall you would notice that Xiaomi Redmi Note Note 8 Pro is the pioneer of this Camera. An unbelievably beautiful is the output of this camera.

The following are the main Camera configurations

64 MP for (wide purpose)

8 MP, for ultrawide

2 MP, for (macro)

2 MP, for (depth)

It Features a dual-LED flash, HDR, and a panorama mode. The video recording is capped at 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/120fps, 720p@960fps unbelievably sweet right?

In this regard you would be left with nothing to complain or worry about as this device performance in this camera aspect was superb based on clearity, detailed photos, nice UI optimization process. 
So what are you waiting for if you are a camera freak.

But you must be aware that Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9 pro are both using this same camera.
At least you have a long list of options to choose from if you decide to settle for this.


I have already told you that this device is having a dual selfie cameras with a great output.
First is the 20 MP, main selfie camera for (wide purposes). 

Second to it is the 2 MP for depth sensing and they both features a HDR with a Video recording capped at 1080p@30fps.

It may interest you to know that both cameras performed excellently well beyond expectations. It won't be a waste of resources if you decide on purchasing this baby.


The sweet MIUI 11 on Android 10 is the operating system you will be greeted with when you purchase this device. Although currently MIUI 12 has been released for upgrade and this device would expect Android 11 too when it is ready.

This OS was smooth in terms of operations with new features, clearity, good optimization and real life feeling during operation.


In this area this device Supports almost every thing when you talk about connections and connectivity capabilities.
It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity along with a GPS. Other connectivity include, NFC, INFRARED PORT for remote control, WLAN, FM radio, USB type C  all for your operational excellence.

I didn't noticed any challenges with any other the connectivity options available as every thing worked perfectly.


The device Supports a side mounted fingerprint sensor placed on the power button. It was easy to reach.and fast in response when unlocking the phone.
Other security options include the pattern, Pin, and password which one could use as a means of protection against unauthorized access and usage. This is really great design


A device can never have everything perfectly crafted for it and OEMs always sacrifice a specific aspect of a device for another. Not that the device won't function very well it will but budget cutting has to come into play.

The battery placed into this device is a non removable battery of 4500mAh battery the same size with that of Redmi Note 8 Pro but this time around the Redmi K30 has a better charging speed calibration.
It supports a fast charging speed of upto 27W which is incredibly incredible. It charges from 0% - 100% in 68 minutes approximately 2 hour 10 minutes.

You will only get this charging speed only if you switched off your device while charging or When your device is charging under flight mode.

But if you are charging this device and using it at the same time then you would expect a longer than 1 hour 20 minutes to fully charge. Which is why it is advisable to not make use of a device while charging because it could affect it seriously.

So this battery is not a drawback at all as it was able to serve 24 hours of light usage, 12 hours of heavy usage and 8 hours of non stop Gaming.
So the Screen on time was very incredible and unquestionable.


I am particular about the design language of this device. The body build isn't that bulky to hold. It looks and feels smart to touch and hold. The placement of the camera set-up is nice giving it a beautiful and unique outlook. The curviness of the device made the device easier to hold when operating.

The aim slots placement and the finger print placement is just ok. 
Then the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 used on both front and back serves as a real protection to the device with premium quality feel that attracts attention on sight.

The colours are captivating based on the glassy nature of the device, reflecting in all directions. This is a beautiful device.


The current price of this device in Nigeria is N100, 000 for the 6GB RAM 128GB ROM variant that is common in Nigeria today. And based on this price. This device is really worth it no questions asked.
You can purchase it from reliable online platform like from Jumia Here and Konga Here   those are the places WHERE TO BUY In Nigeria.


The colours are the beautiful Red, Blue, and purple.
So you have a choice to make based on colours and you won't be disappointed.


If there is any budget device you are looking for today in the Nigerian market or even Global market today that ticks all the boxes in terms of features, performance and endurance rating plus antutu benchmark scores, then this is the device for you. 
In all angles it fits in particularly the power and more efficient Chipset that is just a little bit, I mean wee bit behind the Latest Snapdragon 732G processor used on the New POCO X3 NFC that was released September 2020 although it is yet to land in Nigeria and rumours has it that it will be rebranded into Redmi Note 10.

The pricing also surprised me with 64Mp Quad Camera setup, a large screen with dual selfie, a great battery, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 both front and back, smooth charging speed and intuitive UI, There is no doubt that this device outperforms the over hyped devices like Tecno Camon 16 premier and INFINIX Zero 8 both selling at about N120k.

This is a good deal and best budget for money, also remember that this device will still be relevant in the next 5 to 6 years so what are your doubts about?
Enjoy flagship experience on a mid range device. It is as simple as that.

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