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Complete & Unbiased Comparison/Differences Between INFINIX Zero 8 & TECNO Camon 16 premier (Which to Buy?)


Good day Guys, our topic of discussion today is on the Comparisons and differences between Tecno Camon 16 premier Vs INFINIX Zero 8 which were launched within a space of a week gap. 

After posting  8 Features  and Factors to consider before buying any smartphone in 2020 here. I have come up with this Comparisons between this two giant elephants. 
It might also interest you to know that non of these two devices fell into my post on 

2020 List of 11 Top Best performance Based Android smartphones under 100k (60k - 100k) naira in Nigeria - Value for Money written here not because they are not supposed to be enlisted but because their price tag has rendered them both unfit for this list.

Tecno Camon 16 premier was launched first week of September, 2020 while it's INFINIX counterpart with the name INFINIX Zero 8 was launched in the last week of August 2020. As earlier posted I was able to Compare the similarities and differences between  INFINIX Zero 8 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro Here to see how they could stand toe to toe with each other.

For the first time we could say that TRANSSION Holdings has come up with a competitive mid ranger when compared to other devices.
But to them, this is a flagship device since it is the first of its kind produced by TRANSSION Holdings.

So today I will be using my time to delve into these two devices, stating Their similarities, Differences, pros and cons better known as advantages and disadvantages of these two devices based on user experience.


Both Tecno and INFINIX are owned by TRANSSION Holdings with that being said when INFINIX decided to Launch their own device, the brother in arms Tecno has to follow suit to maintain the business ground level. So it is a really nice business idea. Especially as the rules goes with brother hood, one of these two brands could borrow design ideas in producing Thiers at least whichever comes first.


In terms of display, Am still waiting for a real Amoled display to be used on these two brands. Although I have seen that in some of Their brands but in a way it cannot be compared with other Amoled displays obtainable on other brands. These two devices featured an LCD screen which is why the display when in use looks very whitish except an eye care or Reading mode is used it could affect eyesight or vision when in use for a long time.

These devices are housing a giant screen of 6.9inch on Tecno Camon 16 premier and 6.85inch on its INFINIX counterpart. By approximation, it means the screen sizes are equal.

But in terms of screen to body ratio Tecno does it better with implementation of about 89% to 87% found on INFINIX. Meaning the extra skin or body part aside the screen is really less. So they have really tried in implementing this fabricational process.

Further more In term of pixel display used on this giant screen, it is a 1080 by 2460 pixels. These brands has been using a lesser pixel display on their device for long not until these devices. At least this large pixel display would display YouTube videos at high calibrations and quality.

More importantly is the introduction of 90Hz screen refresh Rate. Wow, I think am in love with this. Added to these is an option to toggle or switch over to the normal or traditional 60Hz Refresh rate incase an individual is not comfortable with this feature at 90Hz. Point to note is that the higher the screen refresh rate the higher the battery consumption of your device. So better features at higher cost but you shouldn't worry inasmuch as you would have access to frequent power supply in case you are a heavy user.


Almost all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) today have customized the Android Operating system today into Their own  customisation skins. In this regard the Tecno Android skin is called HIOS while the INFINIX Android skin is called XOS.

When and if you decide on getting any of these devices, you would be greeted with the Android 10 operating system. So in terms of operating system these two devices ain't lagging behind but you should know that Android 11 is out and already rolling on other brands.

My curiosity here is based on the optimization ability of these two brands. In this regard am not too excited with the OS optimization capabilities when compared with MIUI found on Xiaomi devices or One Hi found on Samsung and even Colour OS. I think it's high time these two brands start working on their OS customisation that could match it's hardware components in terms of processors and Camera optimizations.

In all, the operation of these two devices were smooth from the beginning but tends to lag in a way. You might not notice this if you are a light user but the heavy users with heavy tasks running simultaneously would attest to this facts. I noticed this during the making and compilation of my YouTube videos switching from one device to the other.

Moreso during gaming process the device tends to get hotter, more battery drain due to poor optimization.

But these are ideal devices that could satisfy your day to day activities.


Guys realistically many folks were at awe when they heard of the Chipset that was used on these two brands. But it might interest you to know that Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro was the pioneer is this Chipset A year ago. So this Chipset isn't new in the market. It has been there.

Furthermore, Xiaomi fabricated the Redmi Note 8 Pro with a Liquid cooling system when the device gets hot as it is the trend with MTK Chipsets but Tecno and INFINIX didn't implement this feature. Meaning Tecno Camon 16 premier and INFINIX Zero 8 would really get hot, hotter and hottest without cooling system.

Frankly speaking am not that impressed with the implementational ability of this Chipset on both Tecno Camon 16 premier and INFINIX Zero 8.

This Chipset is a gaming Chipset from its name it is called the MediaTek Helio G90T Processor mainly fabricated for Gaming and heavy duty tasks. And I can bet you MediaTek has really tried on this Chipset when you see it in action in Devices like Redmi Note 8 Pro.

INFINIX and Tecno has improved greatly but like I said earlier Their optimization Intuitiveness is still a drawback.
The CPU and The GPU are all the same since they are accompanied with the Chipset itself.
So with that being said, My advice would be to braze up for a heating competitions Between these two devices.


Tecno and INFINIX were really generous in terms of storage space created on these devices.

The memory configuration is a whopping 8GB of RAM accompanied with a 128GB storage ability for both devices.

The 8GB used as RAM should be large enough for multitasking and heavy duty associated with the HELIO G90T PROCESSOR. Although some few apps were closing when returned to after some minutes of idleness. These include PES 2020, ASPHALT 9, NEED FOR SPEED AND POGMO GO.

Interms of storage the 128GB + an extra space for a dedicated SD CARD should be enough for anybody who the internal storage is not sufficient enough to cater for your storage need.

In general am impressed with the storage capabilities of these devices both in terms of RAM and ROM


The camera configurations for both devices at the rear is a Quad Camera setup. A whopping 64MP main camera found in Redmi note 8 pro, Redmi Note 9 pro etc.
Attached to these is an 8MP for depth sensing, 2MP for Macro and 2 for
I will soon be dropping the camera samples of the pictures taken with these two devices for Comparisons.

Both cameras performed very well but can't be compared with that of Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9 pro due to a perfect camera optimization.
In terms of the additional cameras I was unable to really determine or spot out their specific function as Thier output wasn't up to par.
As an individual, you might be satisfied with the camera output and no one would castigate you for that if you are a fan of the either brands. But this review is based on facts.


in terms of the selfie Camera, the setup are dual set-up with 48MP and 8MP camera's. Wow based on the devices I have seen so far am yet to see such a large mega pixel being used as a front facing camera. I think it is a great idea and this has made these devices Distinct in way.
Remember, Large mega pixel doesn't necessarily necessitate a fantastic picture quality but the end product or final output depends on the OS optimization and customisations associated with Camera settings.


Both devices supports a fingerprint sensor placed on the power button know as a side mounted fingerprint. It functionality is second to non as the speed response was immensely quick and great. Really really fast.

Attached to the finger print sensor is a facial recognition security set up which was also fast but not secured. I can't advice any one to use this.
We also have pattern and pin as security options. So you have various options to choose from in terms of security.


For the first time a USB type C was generously used on each of these devices because if you are conversant with Tecno and INFINIX or even other brands of TRANSSION Holdings you could agree with me based on this claims. With this the data transfer speed and charging speed should and have greatly improved in comparison with prior devices from both brands.
A Bluetooth 5.0 is used along with an FM Radio,GPS and 3.5mm jack for headphones. A down firing speaker is attached to this device with nice but not too great output.
There is no IR blaster for Remote control though even though it is common with Xiaomi Devices.


I would have expected a battery size greater than the 4500mAh battery size used on both devices. Larger screen size plus a 90Hz refresh rate will toll  on the battery life and those are my reasons.
Do not expect much from this battery size as it might disappoint you in a way.
Interestingly is the 33W fast charging ability also attached to these devices. As advertised it would take you 30 minutes to get about 70% of battery from 0% level. This charging speed can also be found on earlier released device loke Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro, the newly launched POCO X3 NFC and many others. This is really impressive as technology is advancing on a daily basis and personally am really in love with fast charging innovations.


The colour of TECNO Camon 16 premier iOS Glacial Silver while the INFINIX Zero 8 has Silver Diamond, Black Diamond and Green diamond. Which ever you decide to choose it's ok.


Currently these devices are estimated to retail at the same amount. A price of about N115,000 to N120,000.
Am not impressed with these prices based on the hardware components of these devices. Remember that Redmi Note 8 Pro has not gone beyond N100, 000 even with Naira to dollars crash and the REDMI note 9 pro was also not sold officially above N110, 000. And Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was used on both front and back of these 2 Xiaomi devices with better UI optimization.
This prices are too high. These devices are supposed to be retailing at around N110, 000.
Further if you decide on going for either Tecno Camon 16 premier or INFINIX Zero 8 you should not contemplate or regret choosing one over the other because they are the same devices rebranded with different Brand name.
Please do not expect a flagship functionality on these two devices because you might be disappointed.
But on mid range functionality these devices should serve you adequately.

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