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Updated List of Cheapest MTN NIGERIA Tarrif Plans & Migration codes

Hello MyGistPOint is back with another fantastic article on MTN TARIFF PLANS. Recently we brought to you guys the complete list of all the Glo cheapest tarrif plans and we are building on that with this post on the MTN TARIFF PLANS

How much is your average monthly bill for mobile phone calls? Do you want to cut down expenses on high call rates? MyGistPOint is here to help you to choose the most convenient among MTN Nigeria tariff plans.

It is very important to be informed in choosing  the tariff plan that befits your income best. Do you spend hundreds of naira on phone calls? Thank God you are reading this post, because you will be shocked! We will show MTN tariff plans that will positively surprise you!

MTN is a telecommunication giant that makes everything possible to rope in more customers. It will be more than useful to learn about MTN tariff plans and migration codes.

MTN tariff plans and their benefits

MTN TruTalk+

This is a  tariff plan that will provide a means for you in  making calls at lower rates.

Calls to Local numbers: 11 kobo/sec while the International numbers: 20 kobo/sec Day-to-day accession fee of N5 is charged.

How can I Magrate to this plan!?

You can migrate to this Tariff Plan by dialing the *123*20#. You can also text TP to the number 131.


MTN zone

This tariff plan enables performing MTN - MTN calls for the lowest 4k/sec (the matter is in the part of the day).

Follow the few steps to migrate to popular Mtn zone plan and then save some money on your calls. Check up every needed Mtn zone code.

Registration code for Mtn zone: *135*1#

Plan Menu code for Mtn zone: *135#
Tariff Plan code for Mtn zone: *135*2#
Tariff Rate code for Mtn zone: *135*3#
Cell broadcast set-up information code for Mtn zone: *135*4#
Notification off code for Mtn zone: 135*6#
Notification on code for Mtn zone: *135*5#

So how does it work?

Even some Mtn customers don't know much about their Mtn zone Plan, so here is information on how the whole MTN Zone plan operates.

The MTN zone plan is a certain Prepaid Mtn zone tariff plan that lets all MTN Subscribers have very cheap calls or, for example, get the discounts for calls based on their location.

There are different MTN Zone discounts for calls:

2k/seconds for call,
4k/seconds for call,
8k/seconds for call,
12k/seconds for call,
16k/seconds for call,
20k/seconds for call,
24k/seconds for call,
and 30k/sec for call.

How to find out your MTN zone discount on your smartphone?

To display your Mtn zone discount on a smartphone screen, you need to go to the text message settings and then create the broadcast service with 50 channel number. Put it on and after that, you will set to get all discount information according to your network base on the certain Mtn zone you are. When a person is about to call someone, he sees how much he will be charged per eery second. So the Mtn zone helps people save money on their calls.

MTN Xtra Pro

MTN XtraPro allows you to make call at 11k/sec that is 6.60k/Min on flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5. It is very cheap compared to Mtn Xtra Special Tariff Plan that charges more than the Xtra Pro. But there is something that you really need to know… Read below!

Be very much aware that, if MTN did not charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) with an additional benefit to health tips for 7 days. (Please Note this)

In other words, the inability to pay the daily access fee will revert you call charge rate to 20k/sec i.e N12/min.

Steps on how to Migrate to MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan

To Migrate to the MTN XtraPro, it is simple, short and easy. All you have to do is to dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 401 to 131! That is all! You can start enjoying your Best Tariff Plan!

Calls: 11 kobo/secDaily accession: N5

MTN XtraSpecial

It can become a perfect tool for international calls.

Calls: 15 kobo/sec (both local and international)All networks in Nigeria without day-to-day accession fee, no first-minute charge.

MTN BetaTalk

Prepayment N100 and more

The Mtn beta talk is similar to GLO BUMPA PLAN. 200% airtime bonus (after you finish your bonuses your main airtime will start to count).10MB/weeklyNational calls: 40 kobo/sec

Lets make back-of-the-envelope estimate:

If you prepay N100 you get N100+N200, so you will have N300.

If you prepay N200 you get N200+N400, so you will have N600.

If you prepay N300 you get N300+N600, so you will have N900. And so on.

Can you imagine this? A rather cool motivation for prepayment.

MTN iPulse

This MTN plan IS FOR the young age who doesn't have a high income level  should be called no other way as mind-blowing and one of the most advertised!

Calls in MTN line: 15 kobo/sec or 11 kobo/sec after 40 kobo/sec for the first 60 secs to MTN line.Non-MTN lines: 40 kobo/sec1GB/for a week: N500500MB/night: N25Prepayment for N100= data bonus of 10MB (once a week/24 hrs)

MTN XtraValue Bundles

MTN tariff plan with one of the coolest advert. By the way, very promising, if to look closer to the Bundles and Offerings. Lets calculate together what will be our actual rate. If you will migrate to MTN XtraValue XS you will pay for national calls N40/sec, so we can say that MTN XtraValue = MTN XtraPro + data bonus.

MTN migration codes

MTN Tru Talk+ Code


MTN Beta Talk Code



Dial *135*1#

MTN XtraPro Code

Dial *401# and select 1

MTN Xtra Special Code

Dial *408# and select 1

MTN iPulse Code

Dial *406# and select 1

We update this post frequently do check back with us for more dosage. Thanks.

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