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Complete Comparison/Differences Between Redmi Note 8Pro & Infinix Zero 8 (Which to Buy Based on features & Price)

Complete Comparison/Differences Between Redmi Note 8Pro & Infinix Zero 8 (Which to Buy Based on features & Price and performance)

Good day guys and welcome to this comparison session. As you may know or may have noticed from the image above you could see that this two devices Redmi Note 8Pro and INfinix Zero 8 were launched EXACTLY  a year apart. with almost the same features. so to me there is no grand breaking achievement here to smartphones users except that INfinix Zero 8 is the First Premium Mid-Range device produced by the Transsion Company since its inception.

So lets delve in properly into the comparison. The Infinix Zero 8 weighs more than its redmi counterpart with 5.0 grams maybe due to a wee bit increase in the screen size or because of the polycarbonate material used in housing the device. so if you are a fan of Infinix you should gear up to accommodate the extra weight. 

The differences in the screen display between this two devices is 0.32 inches. just a little longer than that of the Redmi Note 8. Both screens are IPS LCD display but Infinix Zero 8 has a better screen to body ratio of 1.9%.

Infinix does the pixel size better with 1080 by 2460 over the 1080 by 2340 found in Redmi Note 8. The maximum brightness found in Redmi note 8 pro is 500 nits better over the infinix 392 ppi density. I love the option to choose between 90Hz and 90Hz screen refresh rate found on zero 8. 
In terms of display I will give it to Note 8 pro based on years of existence, quality and experience
Both devices are currently operating on Andriod 10. With better optimization and fantastic user interface xiaomi devices are always top notch.Again Redmi note 8 WINS.
Now to the main point of discussion which is the Chipset used on these devices. you would agree with me that MediaTek are currently pulling weight and breaking grounds in terms of power chipset compared to Snapdragon Chipset. But the fact is This chipset has been in the market for long now. so there is nothing to hype Infinix about this device because its not the first to use this great gaming processor. Xiaomi does it better again by using a liquid cooling system on Redmi note 8 pro. It simply means that This infinix device will eventually develop heating issues under heavy usage. Redmi WINS.

The Memory configurations are great and these devices should function optimally without hitches or difficulty.
These devices are still using the same Rear camera, a 64 mp camera. As usual nothing is new again to what infinx has done. Its still Just like photocpying a document. no hard feelings just saying my mind.
The rear camear configurations are different in this case with Redmi Note 8 pro having a 20 mp vs 48 mp plus 8 mp cameras. Infinix has really done well in using this camera as a front facing camera. But you should know that the number of megapixels does not guarantee the best photos. optimization matters. I give it to infinix here.
For the first time Infinix is using a USB type C port for their devices. so it is really an upgrade in terms of the company"s list of devices. 
A side mounted finger print sensor vs a rear finger print sensor. personally I love the idea of side mounted finger print sensor. it should be more easy to reach. although Infinix is not the first company to utilize these idea as Redmi, Oppo and other brands have already implemented this feature. 
In terms of the battery both are suing the same battery. A 4500 mAh battery. Infinix Zero 8 should charge faster compare to redmi note 8 pro but be rest assured that the REDMi note 8 pro will enjoy a better battery life compare to its counter part reasons because Infinix Zero 8 has a larger screen, without cooling system the device could get hot and it could lead to battery drainage etc. 

Finally the price. Guys I will honestly say this; A N20, 000 naira difference between these two devices is alarming. observing all the features you would agree with me that the differences between Infinix Zero 8 and Redmi 8 pro are negligible. honestly I better save my 20K for other important stuffs than to use it on a glorified device. So which ever device you choose to buy is your decision based on ,what you feel is the best for you. 
Watch youtube review below.


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