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Compiled List of All Glo Tarrif Plans-affordable plans

I bring to you This article from MyGistPOint as of June 2018 which describes all the existing cheaper and affordable Glo tariff plans and their codes. This  telecommunication operator thrives in up to four countries. They are the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Benin, the Republic of Ghana, and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

GLO as a homegrown network is one of the leaders in providing good mobile communication in Nigeria. It occupies a significant market share, according to the latest research data with about 34.6 million subscribers.

Have you put the amount you spend on telephone charges on a monthly basis into consideration? You will likely be gobsmacked with the reality. Don’t you want to know about Glo cheapest tariff plan? When it comes to cash payments for daily expenses everyone tries to find a less expensive alternative. That’s why Glo might  be the right choice for you.

Glo Nigeria tariffs can be surprisingly useful. You only have to worry about the migration codes. Thanks to this article, you will see how easy it is to change the tariff. What’s more, it pretty simple to do. You must admit that it’s better to spend less and gain more.

Glo Bounce Tariff

This plan offers you the ordinary rate which is competitive and at the same time, second to none. The calculations are simple – you can make calls to all the possible networks in the country at only 15k/s and 11k/s to all your friends and relatives who use Glo Bounce Tariff. For more details contact the customer care line.

To migrate to Glo bounce If prefer this tariff plan – dial this code *170*4#


Glo Bumpa Tariff

The Glo Bumpa plan offers much more than other plans. Just imagine - 200% bonus for every top-up starting from N100 and more. It is considered to be the most efficient and cost-effective plan you can find on the market. Do a mental tally. Just Imagine! You get 3 times more than the value of what you recharge. Give N100 and receive N300. You can use the bonus account to call other networks only at 50k per second as of May 2018.

If you want to go with this tariff plan– dial *100*10*1#

Glo Infinito Tariff

Globacom is a mobile operator that tries to give the people what they want. Did you know that? This mobile network provider started its activity in 2003. This prove that they have spent years trying to know what the people want and now they have come up with this Glo Infinito tariff plan. It is the simplest prepaid plan. There are attractive rates for calling networks and making calls to family, friends, and colleagues.

Make calls to different networks at just 22k/s. There are no hidden charges. It also enables you to call your special circle of family/friends at the rate of 11k/s. You only need to provide those special 10 numbers and you get to call at this unique rate.

To migrate If you want this tariff – dial *100*9*2#

Glo G-Bam Tariff

This tariff plan offers you 11k/s for calls as well. However, only 5 persons can be included in the list of your special circle of communication. Instead, you receive 5MB for free on daily basis for surfing the Internet. It provides a unique offer for the youths in Nigeria as they can check their e-mails and enjoy social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

To migrate If you like this plan – dial *100*5*1#


The Glo Gbam plus is the latest Glo  affordable and cheapest call tariff plan that offers all prepaid Glo subscribers the ability to make calls to all networks at 11K/sec after a daily access fee of N5. This makes the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan the lowest of all glo tariff plans in the country.  The unique benefit of the Glo Gbam plus is that N5 will only be deducted on days you make calls, therefore you will not be charged the N5 daily access on days that you do not make any calls unlike the Mtn true talk plus tariff which attracts daily access fee of N5 even if you don’t make calls for that day.

Also with the Glo Gbam plus you can also call 5 international destinations of US, UK, China, India and Canada at a flat rate of 20k/sec. Charges of local and international SMS rates are charged at N4 for Nigeria and N10 to international destinations..

The only disadvantage of using the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan is that it doesn’t have any data attached, the plan is mainly for those who makes heavy calls. Unlike other Glo tariff plans like the Glo Gbam which gives 5MB of data for charge and the Glo Bounce which also gives 20MB.

How To Migrate To Glo Gbam Plus Tariff Plan:

To simply migrate to the Glo Gbam Plus Tariff plan, Just dial *100*6*1#.No extra charge for migration, the Glo Gbam tariff plus is absolutely free.


The Glo bounce tariff plan is currently charged at 15k/s which makes it expensive and not affordable for the average Nigerians. Most Glo subscribers who makes heavy calls have migrated to the new Glo Gbam plus tariff plan which is quite affordable and has longer call duration with calls rates charged at just 11k/s to all networks. Also some Hidden charges  comes with the package. This is actually the cheapest glo tariff plan currently.

Glo Free tomorrow

With Glo Free Tomorrow, whatever you use today, you get DOUBLE back tomorrow to browse, make calls or send SMS to any network FREE. All new and existing prepaid customers can enjoy the plan

• Use today and get DOUBLE back the next day: 200% of whatever is spent from Main account is refunded back to the customer the next day
• Bonus can be used for any transaction: browse, calls and send SMSs to any local network, call popular international destinations (USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India)
• No hidden conditions, no daily rent

How do I opt for Glo Free Tomorrow?
Dial *600#.
Your Free tomorrow promo account is credited the day after usage was made from your Main account once you do any event on your line. You can confirm your Free tomorrow balance by dialing #122*8#

check Your FT bonus balance By dialing #122# or #122*8#

Usage is charged at 28k/s, N4/SMS and 5K/Kb while Bonus is charged at 56K/s, N8/SMS and 10K/Kb. Bonus expires at 23:59 daily

Airtime and I’m currently subscribed to a data plan?
You will be charged first from your data plan before your Free Tomorrow bonus account can be charged when you are browsing if you have a data plan.

The free airtime can be used to browse, make calls or send text to ANY network and to call popular international destinations depending on the amount in each account. 75% of the bonus amount can be used for Glo-to-Glo calls and browsing while 25% can be used for browsing, offnet and IDD calls to select destinations.


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