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An eye opener part 2: Reasons Why Your Mobile Data Plan is Not Lasting as Usual

Guys, after writing the first article in an eye opener earlier, which is An eye Opener Before Buying a New Smartphone: Should I Dump My Current Phone For The Latest Device? I was faced with another question from an individual based on the reason why his current smartphone is busy consuming his data than the usual. Basically he was comparing his data usage between his new smartphone and the old one since they are from the same brand and he was using the same Network provider.

Well, Questions of this nature has various answers attached to it because hug data consumption from mobile device depends on many factors which I will be discussing below in details. Gone are the days about a decade ago when we were making use of Feature phones form Nokia, Sony Ericsson and so many others. You will realise that these devices screen sizes were basically a mere 320 by 240 screen sizes. Very small indeed right? 

More so is the camera Megapixel sizes then of 1 to 10 Megapixel in size. You hardly consume 10 Megabytes within a month due to the low nature of screen resolutions and data sizes. And that was then, but now things have greatly changed and technology has greatly improved accordingly. So here are some listed reasons why you data consumption is very high?


  • 1. Large Screen Sizes or Resolution
  • 2. Increase in Network speed and exchange of data at 3G and 4G
  • 3. High picture quality and resolutions
  • 4. Viewing Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram status updates
  • 5. Watching Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube videos
  • 6. Auto synchronisation of datas to clouds
  • 7. Putting on device data whenever transfer of files from xender is made
  • 8. Unrestricted hotspot connection
  • 9. Slow operation and response of smartphone

Permit me to elaborate on each of the above listed factors

1. Large Screen Sizes or Resolution is greatly impacting and having a toll on data plans these days. And as you have noticed from Smartphones manufacturers nowadays, they are daily increasing screen sizes on their latest Devices. Check the Reviews section of this blog, you will notice that.

As of of 2017 you would noticed that the highest and largest screen sizes on a smartphone was at 5.5 inch to 6.0 in displays. But as of 2018 till date, screen sizes have increased from 6.0 inch displays to about 7.0 inch as of 2020 ending. These increase in screen sizes has to come with Extra cost of more data consumption when browsing, taking pictures or uploading data's online.

The larger the screen size the more data the device will consume. If you are a large screen admirer then you should learn how not to complain because you should know that large screen demands more data. So in terms of data consumption, you can't control this number one if your phone screen is around 6.3 to 7.0 inch Display. Rather I will encourage you to posses more courage for regular subscription because your data must disappear.

So what am saying in essence is this, if your former Smartphone was having a 5.5 inch display and now your new device is having a 6.7 inch display. You should know that there is a great increase in the screen size. So if your old phone was consuming maybe 2mb per page during browsing, now expect 4 to 5 mb data consumption per page. It is not a magic, it's a fact. Except you decide not to use data on that smartphone.

2. Secondly,  Increase in Network speed and exchange of data at 3G and 4G. My friend, your former phone was probably operating on 3G only and now your new phone has 4G probably 5G Network which by default has twice the speed of your former 3G network. When you are operating your device, those pages will be loading very fast, smoothly with the speed of light and you might think that those pages are not heavy or large, based on that you keep browsing and opening pages anyhow without thinking about the repercussions. My friend, prepare to spend more on data purchase because of that. 

Note the the higher the Network connectivity, the higher the speed of loading pages, and the higher data consumption because alot is done within the shortest time possible but it won't prevent high data consumption. Sometimes you could get 3G speed at almost 2 megabytes per second and around 3 to 4 megabytes per second speed on 4G depending on Network quality and the service provider. Although we are still battling with poor network reception and Quality in Nigeria from almost all Network providers.

So with this kind of speed, you will be tempted to open everything you see online. Not knowing that the sweeter the juice, the shorter the lifespan of it's consumer due to its high  sugar level or content. Please take note of this and adjust the way you visit sites or watch unnecessary videos because of high speed Network

3. Next is the High picture quality and resolutions. Gone are the days when camera Megapixel sizes were between 5 MP to 16 MP. But now we have camera Megapixel sizes of 13, 16mp, 20mp, 32mp, 48Mp, 64mp and 108mp. With this high megapixel you will realise picture sizes of 3MB to even 10MB. My friend, whenever you intend uploading such a picture to either WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any online backup medium. Those pictures will consume exactly the same amount of data as it's size. So if you upload let's say 10 pictures, your device would have consumed almost 100MB depending on picture sizes.

These high pictures sizes helps in retaining picture quality even when zoomed. The reasons for such a high level of mega pixel. So if you intend uploading pictures online or even videos, you should do that knowing fully well the cost of doing so. Therefore if you are managing your data, then you need to upload only the most important pictures and save the rest of your data.

4. I have seen a friend complaining of data zapping and he told me that he only uses the social media apps and I laughed at his ignorance. Ladies and gentlemen, these days social media is at the helm of data zapping. Reasons due to the fact that almost every WhatsApp or Facebook user today tend to update their status on both WhatsApp and facebook. Some even go to the extent of uploading multiples 1 minute videos. And most users are tempted to view almost all status updates thereby truncating data validity and lifespan. 

Until you learn how to skip most of the WHATSAPP status updates, then and only then can you be able to save some data juice for your self. Therefore stop complaining about data shortage and act wisely. If not prepare to continue spending on unnecessary data because of Viewing Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram status updates

5. Watching Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube videos: This also goes inline with the previous factor. But this is basically talking about videos. Let me break this to you. If you are using normal Facebook app for Android, you will realise that anytime you logged in to your Facebook account using that app, videos begin to play automatically.

And if you are the type that is easily carried away, you will be lost in the ocean of entertainment at the expense of your data. You should know that videos are always the top data consumption activity that is been carried out on Android today.

Instead you could decide to settle for Facebook lite and stop viewing those WhatsApp videos being posted anyhow without relevant additional information to its viewers.
But if you have the data, there is no cause for alarm.

6. Auto synchronisation of datas to cloud is one of the bad ass data consumer on Android devices today. One of the people I worked for called me a certain time like that and he was bitterly complaining of his monthly data plan that got  expired just a day after subscription. The man on His previous android smartphone turned on automatic synchronisation of photos to Google cloud via Google photos.

 So when he got his new smartphone, he just logged in to his Google account and Lo and behold all the backup photos where automatically restored to his New device without his consent. Stuffs like this happens, but if you know how to set up your device properly you could prevent most of these unnecessary data consumption activities.

So device even goes to the extent of backing up a whole gallery that includes videos. Some even documents, music and game files inside the phone. Then tell me how data will last on these devices?

The best option is to turn off automatic synchronisation of any kind. So that anytime you feel like synchronizing to cloud, you will prepare adequately for that.

7. Putting on device data connection whenever a transfer of files from xender is made also impact on data plans. The day I learnt how and why I needed to turn off my data connection when connecting and transferring files from xender over hotspot was when I was transferring some movie to a friend. Little did I know that this guy doesn't subscribe for data plans. So when he joined my hotspot all his data hungry app began to function with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, browsers and everything began to receive updates. Including play store. I never noticed it because the movies were large and many so that gave his device the advantage to really feed on an awoof data plan.

It really got me upset and I was really gobsmacked at the same time as to how my data was consumed within the shortest period of time. When connecting to devices via file sharing app that uses hotspot like xender, you would want to help your self by turning off your data to a avoid stories that touch the soul. 

8. Unrestricted hotspot connection: I have already spoken on this aspect above. But under this it doesn't has to do with xender. It has to do with turning on Hotspot normally for other devices to feed on. Some of us doesn't restrict the number of users that could connect to your hotspot at a time. Instead you leave the option open. Worst of it all is not setting up a password for your hotspot in order to restrict unwanted users or general public.

I will share with you my experience back then in school. I usually set up password for my hotspot but I couldn't remember what happened, but all I know is that that faithfully day, I forgot to restrict my hotspot. When I got to school area, I needed to do an online registration, so I turned on my hotspot. And remember it was unrestricted. I then continued my work not until after 30 minutes I got an SMS from Glo Nigeria informing me that I have used up 75% of my data plan. 

Guys I bought that data early morning of that same day. I then became confused as to what happened because I knew that my laptop could not have consumed such a high amount of data within that short period of time. As I checked my hotspot number of connected devices and I saw about 6 of them. And that was when it down on me not to forget restricting my hotspot connection.

These could therfore occur but when you are well guided and protected, your hotspot could be on and you won't be afraid because you and you alone has the key to access it.

9. Slow operation and response of smartphone: My friend due to your former phone sluggishness you could not do a lot of things on your device and now the new one is lightning fast probably due to a higher Processor and now you could watch Facebook video, WhatsApp status video and pictures, Instagram video YouTube videos, twitter video and you are complaining? 

My friend, you haven't known what's up yet? Since you have gotten a better device now with a better Processor. You could do alot of things at once. Hence paving the way for multitasking abilities and at the same time multitasking your data plan. Funny right? Truth be told. If you want to enjoy the best From Smartphones, you should be able to give the best except you want to buy an expensive smartphone and still under using the device. It's a pity.

How do you know which app consume data the most?
It is simply. Just follow the instructions below. And this will help you in detecting those data consumption apps.and how much data each individual app has consumed. All will be stated clearly and  it will help you on how to control these apps from further data destruction.

Follow the steps below

1. Locate and tap on SETTINGS
2. Scroll and Locate connection and sharing and tap

3. Scroll to and tap on Data usage

4. Select any of the Sims to view exactly how many Gigabyte has been used being arranged according to the highest number of app. And that's all.


I would like to say that technology has advanced greatly and many technology found now weren't available earlier. So for an individual to purchase and use a smartphone at this era is also an improvement which should come with an improved cost and expenses if you are going to enjoy your device to the later. Mind you there are many online games today that depends on data plans to synchronise it's data to cloud example of such is FIFA game, PES etc.

All the aforementioned factors are solely responsible for data usage no doubt about that. And if you observe those factors are hardly going to be avoided. Does it then mean that you shouldn't enjoy your device then? Please don't get me wrong. Am just trying to open your eyes to the fact and reason as to why your data plans are expiring earlier than expected so that an individual could either adjust or purchase more volume of data to satisfy online needs.

I will soon be dropping other tutorials and eye opening article related to this particular one. Do ensure to share this and don't forget to check back. Thanks.

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