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2020 List of 11 Top Best performance Based Android smartphones under 100k (60k - 100k) naira in Nigeria - Value for Money


Hello Guys, I want to take my time in making a list of Top Best Selling Android smartphones under 100k across all brands, because I believe on individual satisfaction when it comes to gadgets especially smartphones devices. 

I will be updating this post frequently based on latest released, so do ensure to check in next time.


Yes, I think only few would be surprised with my selection because talking about value for money and at this time of the year the Redmi Note 9S is undoubtedly the Best smartphone selling currently under the 100k naira in Nigeria and over the world at large. Its currently retailing at about 96k – 99k for the 6GB RAM 128GB ROM and 86k -90k for the 4GB RAM 64GB ROM and a dedicated SD card Slot, it is not bad right. 

Lets consider the processor that is used on this device. It is a Snapdragon dimensity 700 series particularly the SD 720G (A gaming processor to be precise). This processor is able to handle heavy and demanding task fair and square without hitches and since it is an 8 Nanometre processor there should be an extra improvement to the battery life compared to the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s.

 Couple with that is the large 6.67 inch display, a large battery capacity of 5020mAh with 18W fast charging ability, USB type C cable, Sleek design with corning gorilla glass 5 front and back, An undisputed camera performance and a lot of other interesting features not forgetting the intuitive and loveable MIUI attached. So indeed this is the best option based on value for money.


The Redmi Note 8 Pro is next on my list as it is currently retailing below 100k only for the 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, while the 6GB RAM 128GB Rom variant is currently retailing a little above 100k mark which is a downside to me.

 This device is fabricated using a MediaTek Helio G90T gaming processor. It is tagged a high performance processor and has been used in devices like Infinix Zero 8, The Tecno Camon 16 Premier ( which are currently selling above the 100k mark and even above the Redmi Note 9 Pro device and it is not sounding well really to these brands. The battery life of 4500mAh should be enough for gaming and day-to-day activities since it also support 18W charging speed. 

The corning gorilla glass front and back gives this device a nice finish and edge over others. Interesting this device debuted with the 64 mega pixel camera I think the first device to feature this. 

Performance wise this device is dragging it with the Redmi Note 9S but is downside is the 12 Nano metre fabricated processor and heating issues associated with Mediatek Proessors would shorten the battery life of this device. Also a dedicated SD card Slot is not available for this device.


It was launched recently along with the other Note 9 series and indeed you have every reason to smile using this device. Some of the interesting features include a dedicated SD card Slot , the Powerful Helio G85 chipset for smooth gaming, a 48 mp camera along with other functioning camera, a very good build quality with 6.53 inch display supporting 18W fast charging using a USB type Cable. 

This are little of its features and not forgetting the gigantic 5020mAh battery, wow it is really a nice device. The 4Gb 128Gb variant is currently retailing at 82k the best price so far. I really like the device as it is capable of suiting day to day use.


Yes, although its battery is just 4000mAh, this device is also the best budget for money as it is currently retailing at about 68k-70k. what a device! It comes with a 48 MP quad core cameras, a beautiful looking and portable device. 

It supports 18W fast charging speed as it is the case with almost all xiaomi phones. The snapdragon 665 12nm chipset is averagely powerful since it can smoothly play some high demanding games like PES 2020 without hitches. 

Based on the Price  and performance and a dedicated SD card Slot I would have love to place this device as number 1 but there are superior devices too.


It features a 6.4 inch Super amoled display, 1080 by 2400 pixels with a 48 MP rear camera and a 20 MP front facing camera. Maybe the reason for the high price. The battery capacity is also a 5000mAh battery but with just 15W charging speed support. Also this device comes with a dedicated SD card slot, the trend this days. The finger print sensor is an in display sensor not really cool.

 It might interest you to know that the downside of this very device is the MediaTek helio P65 chipset used on this device and considering the price of 100k +,  it is not really really interesting because the price alone will put off many. As we all know Samsung nowadays are selling brand and not value for money


The Redmi 9 Point of attraction is the Helio G80 microprocessor, the giant 6.53 inch display, USB type C, a dedicated SD card Slot and the giant 5020mAh battery. Currently retailing at 67k. it should be a very good decision if you opt for this device maybe for loved ones.


I was tempted to place this device above the aforementioned devices but when I consider the Chipset used the Helio G70. It was not even used in Redmi 9, Note 9 even, the price and the non usage of USB type C cable, the fake multi cameras that are not performing any function apart from the 48 mp camera I was left to seeth.

 The phone comes with a giant screen of about 6.95 inch deisplay with just a 720pixel display. What a downside. It carries a 5000mAh battery and a large screen that is the only good thing and it is retailing at about 80k


It has a 6.6 inch LCD display  with a 48 MP main camera, a 16 MP selfie camera having a 5000m Ah battery . As usual it carries a normal USB port with a Helio P22 Chipset old model. It has a dedicated card  slot for extra storage The tecno camon 15 is currently retailing at 66k 


It features a 6.4 super AMOLED inch display with an Exynos 7904 (14nm) chipset is a bad one compared to other brands but still very expensive. Samsung are placing high price on this due to its Super AMOLED screen nature. But performance wise this will be lagging behind like seriously. 

It has a dedicated SD card with a 4000mAh battery with a 15W charging capabilty. The rear camera is a 25 MP camera attached to it is a 20 MP selfie camara.  This is a nice device but it should be selling along with the likes of redmi 8 in terms of performance, but instead it has a high price of about 90k.

10. REDMI 8A

This device carries a giant 5000mAh battery with a 18W fast charging capability via a USB type C port.  It is fabricated with a 6.22 inch display along with an in-display finger print sensor. It has a cut out carrying an 8MP selfie camera. 

The rear camera is a 12 MP camera  but greatly optimized. 

It is currently selling at 65k really good at that price.


This is a device that is currently retailing at about 68k -75k. It has a 6.6 inch LCD screen display with an old model helio P22 Mediatek processor.

 Its rear camera is a 16MP along with a 32MP front camera whose battery is a 4000mAh with 10W charging speed via USB port. It has a dedicated Micro SD card slot and it has a rear mounted finger print sensor.

So guys this is my list as arranged based on Price, Chipset, battery , camera and overall Performace etc.

I hope I was able to assist you in purchasing the best device. Do have a great day

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