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Learn How to Disable ADS on Smartphone APPS, Websites Without ADBLOCKER APP (No Rooting Required)


Hello guys, most atimes advertisement could be really annoying and frustrating especially when you need to use an information urgently. So Adblocker have been useful and also a helping in all this while to help mobile users disable ads on websites and App.

However, right now you guys will be guided on how to disable ads on mobile apps and sites without Downloading Adblocker App nor it alternative.

In a way adblocker app has been useful all in this process all this while, but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that that it consumes data because of it functions as VPN.

Most t times, we are prompted to disable the adblocker in other to make use of VPN. But VPN will disconnect the adblocker automatically while connecting. Without being told, reasons due to the fact that you can’t make use of double or two vpn simultaneously.

So, is either you connect the adblocker while your vpn is disconnected, or you connect your vpn while your adblocker is disconnected. Most times sites owner do impose JavaScript ad detector that will alert you to Disable Adblocker in other to view the site post.

This tutorial procedure am about to show you is fast and can be done in a matter of minutes which it's solutions aren’t detectable.

Another interesting part is that, no external app is required and you can use it along with your vpn. On how to disable ads on mobile apps and sites without Downloading Adblocker App, no rooting access is required.

You can block ads in all places without rooting your phone. This simply means that it is working 100% without the need of rooting.

Meanwhile, if you’re already a root user, you can also make use of this procedure without unrooting your device no cause for alarm.

How to Disable Ads without External App

Without wasting much of your time, follow the instructions below accordingly.

1. Go to your phone Settings.

2. On the search box, input Private DNS (you can equally locate it on the network and connection side).

3. Click on it and select ‘Private DNS provider host’.

4. Input on the given box and save.

5. You are done successfully!

Now visit any site you know that is loaded with ads eg and see the magic.

You can also check on those apps with series of ads like WSS Streaming Android App and see how everything disappears.

Please Note: Kindly be informed that Android 10 and Android 9 users have confirmed it working, while Android 8 user said he wasn’t able to see private DNS option on their mobile phone. You can equally try yours to confirm.

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