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Dynamic Ireland Ported to Android Phones


Dynamic Ireland" was introduced by iphone after the release of the latest iphone 14 series. 

This feature was introduced into iphone 14 pro and Iphone 14 pro max. It's function is to mitigate and litigate the empty wide space created due to the notch (front facing camera or selfie camera cut out).

Meaning instead of allowing the wide spaces around your selfie camera to be wasted, it can now be used as notification panel for all your Android apps.

The following are the procedure into the installation of Dynamic Ireland android application on your Android.

Quick Guide to Dynamic Ireland installation

Step 1: Own an Android phone

Step 2: Download and install dynamic Ireland application ( Paid version for free) on our official telegram channel HERE 👉 Mygistpoint Telegram

Step 3: Grant all necessary permissions 


1. Open the app

2. Scroll through the interface and set it to your taste.

Dynamic Island interface

  1. Status Bar Island Notification
  2. Enable Dynamic Island Notification
  3. Title Text color
  4. Camera Position
  5. Camera Count
  6. Top margin
  7. Camera Left/Right margin
  8. Enable Glow
  9. Glow border width
  10. Glow gradiant color
  11. Show music animation
  12. Show on lock screen
  13. Show in full screen
  14. Hide In landscape mode
  15. Show iPhone style call heads up
  16. Auto hide default call heads-up
  17. Change mobile wallpaper
  18. Swap call button actions
  19. Select apps to stop showing on Island
  20. Select wallpaper from mobile etc

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