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War: Researchers Admonish China to Develop Ways to Destroy Starlink Satellites in space


We recently published a post on Data Prices Soon Crashing in Nigeria Across All Networks as Elon Musk StarLink gets FG approval, lists what Nigerians should expect from it.

It was reported via PCMag that A recent paper from Chinese researchers outlines the potential military threat SpaceX's satellite internet system poses to China, and how the country should respond.

A group of Chinese researchers is urging China to come up with ways to disrupt and destroy SpaceX’s satellite internet service Starlink. 

Last month, China’s Modern Defence Technology journal published a paper(Opens in a new window) on the subject, which lays out why Starlink poses a serious threat to the country. The South China Morning Post, which was first to report(Opens in a new window) the news, also notes the paper comes from five researchers affiliated with China's defense industry. (A copy of the paper can also be found here(Opens in a new window).)

The paper says: “While [Starlink] is booming and also because of its huge comprehensive application potential, it has brought hidden dangers and challenges to our country.”

Starlink already spans over 2,000 orbiting satellites. But SpaceX is working to one day expand the network to over 30,000 satellites in an effort to supply high-speed broadband to consumers and businesses across the globe. 

However, the Chinese researchers are worried that Starlink could also be used for a wide range of US military applications, including beaming internet communications to US troops and aircraft in the field.

The researchers also fear the Starlink constellation could be weaponized to not only detect and track Chinese satellites and missiles, but even take them out. “In addition, Starlink satellites have powerful maneuvering orbit change capabilities, and can also be equipped with on-orbit operating devices such as robotic arms to achieve approach and disposal of space-based targets,” the paper adds. 

In response, the researchers are calling on China to strengthen its “space war strategy” and boost research in potential countermeasures to stop Starlink. This includes developing both software- and hardware-based methods of damaging and destroying a satellite constellation.   

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