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2022 Data Bonus | How to Accumulate MTN ZIGI 1GB DATA BONUS

I recently made a post on How you can Get Free 1GB Data on MTN ZIGI Valid for 8Days click HERE. And also how you can familiarise yourself with the Completely Solved Questions. See MTN Zigi Trivia Questions that gives Free MTN 1GB Data | MTN 1GB Free Data 2022 HERE.

The two posts above were made to enlighten you on how you can enjoy the ongoing goodies from MTN Nigeria to its esteemed customers.
You can't carry out the procedures below if you haven't read the posts above. You would end up confusing yourself. Therefore I would advise you to go through them for clarity and enlightenment.

Like I said above, is it possible to accumulate the current MTN TRIVIA FREE 1GB DATA? The answer is yes, Affirmatively. According to MTN you will get 1GB every 24 hours which is correct. But the question is, do you have to wait until after 24 hours before taking another TEST? 

The answer is NO. Infact you can continue writing your test every 1 hour. If you are correct, you would be greeted with congratulatory message if not it will be try again in an hour. 
The more you score 100% the more data you accumulate which will be credited later.

Don't forget to read previous post for enlightenment. Please remember that you won't be credited with the data immediately. It takes 2 to 24 hours before MTN will credit you with your 1GB data which will also last for a week. 

Now let's cut to the chase, 

How do I Accumulate my 1GB DATA BONUS THEN? 

1. The answer is simple. Click on the link HERE

2. Choose any of the platform you would like to use e.g messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram

3. Follow STEP 4 to STEP 11 every 1 hour and ensure you score all the questions correctly for Accumulation.

4. Happy Accumulating of your 1GB data to your own satisfaction.

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