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Complete Review of Haylou GT6 & Where to Buy in Nigeria

Haylou GT6 TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones AAC HiFi Stero Bass Low Latency Wireless Earbuds 12mm Speaker Headset Dual MIC Headphone
Guys, am here to write a review about the latest Haylou airpods which am also using for the past 1 month now.
I've used quite alot of earbuds and airpods and I can attest to the fact that if you want something better with a little edge considering the price, you've got to consider Haylou GT6. 

 The packaging is exquisite, compact and portable, the style is simple and atmospheric, and the connection speed is fast. The left and right ears are designed with separation, dual-transmit and dual-receive communication. Of course, you can seamlessly switch between the main and the auxiliary. The performance is stable, the noise reduction effect is also great, the call is smooth, and the sound quality is restored efficiently. Fast charging, long use time, everything is satisfied!

Design Language: The design of this product got my attention at first when I was browsing through AliExpress site. It has this simple semi in ear look but with classic and premium design. It has this attractive shinny material wrapped around it, noticeable on the black colour. It is very light and fitted to the ears. 
One of the reasons I also opted to try this out is the design. It doesn't block your ears completely when in use. Meaning you could hear sounds from the environment when moving along the street or any other places. 
What about the charging case, it is so portable that your palm could Completely cover it. The charging case has an led indicator just to indicate charging and nothing more
The casing has a magnet that attracts the airpods to their respective cavity when returned into the case, giving them a firm grip.
On the case is an HAYLOU logo boldly written on it. It has a USB TYPE C port which is very interesting because most brands woth expensive airpods hasn't included usb type C port just yet. Kudos to Haylou for this great inclusion. On the design, I would say that it is just absolutely exquisite and incredible.
Driver/Chipset: Haylou GT6 doesn't necessarily has a Chipset per say. But the 12mm dynamic driver in this device is functioning quite greatly because this device isn't showing any sign of weakness from any angle at all. It comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection. 

Battery Life (Charging Case): The battery life of this device is juicy. The charging case contains about 310mAh battery apart from the 35mAh battery on either airpods. 
The airpods gives about 5 Hours of talk time (Phone calls). Although since I have been using this am yet to make calls for that long. It Also gives about 6 hours of playback time (Music etc). The charging case provides an additional 21 hours to the airpods meaning it could charge the airpods about 4 times. Giving the using about 24 hours of usage.
To be honest, this airpods are really durable in terms of battery life. I barely charge the case after few days and I use this airpods almost all the time. This is a good product.
It accepts USB type C charging capabilities which enhances the charging speed experience. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the casing and almost about the same time to charge the airpods.

Latency: From around the web, Latency is the time it takes for data to be transferred between its original source and its destination, measured in milliseconds. In this case latency is the time taken to hear the sound from your smartphone when it is connected to a Bluetooth Wireless device.
 The movement of the lips of a movie or game synchronizing exactly with the sound in your ears is called latency. Of course there is a milliseconds delay, which is why most Bluetooth devices comes with a dynamic technology that controls and reduces latency when in use.
The Haylou GT6 has control over latency and to archive that you would have to double tap the left airpods to switch over to low latency mode. The experience is great and superb and I have no complaints whatsoever but latency is there though with a measure of about 65ms latency.
Audio quality: The audio quality of the Haylou GT6 is great. Using it for phone calls was clear as the end users were able to hear my voice clearly with moderate quality.
The airpods have about 4 different microphones with 2 each on either airpods. One is at the top of the airpods and the other on the bottom of the airpods. The one at the top is a noise cancellation microphone which in a way is doing a great job. The Audio quality is nice to say the least. 
Sound quality: It gives a very great sound quality but in a quiet environment. When you are in a noisy environment expect to hear little or no sound at all, depends on how noisy your environment is though. The reason is because these airpods were not designed to penetrate your ears but instead to rest on your ear giving you more space for air.
So if you want to enjoy this device fully please, avoid a noisy environment.

Controls: The Haylou GT6 has some control features which are simple and easy to understand.
  • Tap either earbuds to PLAY/PAUSE MUSIC, VIDEO
  • Double tap right earbud for NEXT SONG OR MOVIE
  • Double tap left earbud for PREVIOUS SONG or MOVIE
  • Tap either earbuds to ANSWER/ REJECT CALLS
  • Double tap LEFT earbud to TURN ON/OFF LOW LATENCY MODE
  • Triple Tap either earbuds for GOOGLE ASSISTANT
Price: You can purchase the Haylou GT6 here in Nigeria for about NGN10,000 or lesser depends on your location. You can also opt to purchase using our AliExpress or Jumia links above.
You must remember that if you want a first class sounds from airpods you would have to upgrade your budget to a high class level. Haylou GT6 is for midrange users who are working on a budget.

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