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Comparison & Differences Between Redmi Note 10S & Tecno Phantom X

It will interest you to know that I have recently dropped the full review of both Tecno Phantom X and Redmi note 10S. You can check them out.

In today's review, I bring to you an in-depth analysis on the comparison and differences between the Latest Tecno's Flagship device and the Midranger from Xiaomi .

Here is a quick summary of the features of both smartphones.

In summary the Key Specs of Tecno Phantom X

  • SCREEN = 6.7" 1080 x 2340 pixels
  • WEIGHT = 201g
  • MAIN CAMERA = 50 MP 1080p
  • PLATFORM = Android 11, HIOS 7.6
  • RAM = 8 GB RAM
  • STORAGE = 256 GB ROM
  • CHIPSET = Helio G95 Octa-core processor
  • BATTERY SIZE = 4700 mAh Li-Po 33W fast Charging Technology

And below is also a Quick specs of Redmi note 10S

  • SCREEN = 6.43" 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • WEIGHT = 179 g
  • MAIN CAMERA = 64 MP 1080p
  • PLATFORM = Android 11, MIUI 12.5
  • RAM = 8 GB RAM
  • STORAGE = 128 GB ROM
  • CHIPSET = Helio G95 Octa-core processor
  • BATTERY SIZE = 5000 mAh Li-Po 33W fast Charging Technology

Similarities between Tecno Phantom X and Redmi note 10S

  • Both devices have the following features in common
  • Chipset or Microprocessor (MediaTek Helio G95)
  • Charging speed (33W fast charging on both)
  • Platform (Android 11)
  • RAM (8GB)
  • Display Type (Amoled)
  • Dual sim support and a dedicated SD card slot
  • Usb type C port


Notable differences between the Tecno Phantom X and Redmi note 10S include

  • Battery Capacity
  • Internal Storage
  • Rear and Front facing camera
  • Fingerprint reader (placement)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Bluetooth version
  • Other Technology
  • Design language
  • Screen size
  • Screen Resolution
  • Protection
  • UI and optimization
  • Gestures
  • Price

Permit me to brush through these features so you can have an idea of the reason why I made this post. First off, we begin with the similarities

1. Chipset or Microprocessor: (MediaTek Helio G95) is the bedrock of both devices. This Chipset is an upgrade to its predecessor, the Helio G90T used on Redmi note 8 Pro and others. It is smooth, fast and efficient but it has heating issues. Overall this shouldn't stop you from purchasing any of this device judging from this angle.

2. Charging speed: Both the Redmi note 10S and Tecno Phantom X are charging at 33 Watt fast charging technology. You can get upto 50% within 30 minutes adequate enough to perform whatever urgent task you have at hand. Am really pleased with this technological inclusion.

3. Andriod Version: Both devices are currently operating on the latest Android version 11. Although Android 12 is in its beta version currently. Now permit me to say this from experience, it is highly unlikely that the Tecno Phantom X will receive any further system updates based on Android version. Usually Tecno devices doesn't get that and that is why Xiaomi devices have more advantage to its Tecno counterpart. Trust me,  the Redmi note 10S will receive at least 3 further android versions and upto 5 further customer skin update called MIUI.
 With these advantages a user of Redmi note 10S wouldn't be bored with his or her devices because each update comes with new feature. It is even highly unlikely for such user to think of changing his or her phone except the person wants to upgrade based on performance. But for Tecno Phantom X user, he or she would have a taste of new UI if only if he decides to purchase another latest Tecno device. That's how bad it is. The after sales services rendered by Xiaomi can never be compared with what Tecno is providing.

4. RAM: Both devices are operating on a maximum of 8GB of RAM. Although there are other versions with lesser RAM. This amount of Ram space is enough for multitasking abilities.

5. Display Type: For the first time Tecno is using a super Amoled screen on her phone. On the other hand Xiaomi under the Redmi Note series Branding have also decided for the first time to extend this technology across the board too.  Am really excited with the display quality used by both brands.

6. Other areas both devices are sharing the same features include; Dual sim support which will enable the user to have more option of an extra sim card and also the availability of a dedicated SD card slot has made it more interesting for those who would need Extra storage space. Another important aspect worthy of note is the usage of USB type C port by Tecno on the Phantom X. Although it's not a new addition to Redmi phones because their smartphones started using USB TYPE C right from the Redmi note 8 days.

All these similarities shouldn't be the deciding factor that would influence you into getting either of the phones but their differences and most importantly the price difference.  But I believe these similarities have given you a bit of an edge and have given you a new mental picture as to which phone you would be going for among the two Midrangers.

Behold the Notable differences between the Tecno Phantom X and Redmi note 10S which have to be the bragging right of anyone going for either of these phones.

1. Battery Capacity: Redmi note 10S has a 5000mAh battery size while that of the Tecno Phantom X is a lesser 4700 mAh battery, 300mAh difference, you might neglect this differences but still yet, we know that the extra 300mAh will give the user some extra minutes or probably an hour. REDMI NOTE 10S (WINS).

2. Internal Storage: The highest internal storage variant of the Redmi note 10S is 128GB while that of the Tecno Phantom X is 256GB almost certainly doubling the storage capacity of that of Redmi note 10S. But for How much extra? Should thus storage be the yardstick for hike in price? When there is a space for an SD CARD? Well as for me this aspect can be ignored although depending on the price difference. TECNO PHANTOM X (WINS)

3. Back or Rear Cameras: The main sensor of the Redmi note 10S is a hug 64 megapixel camera attached with extra 3 low performance cameras. While that of the Tecno Phantom X is a 50 megapixel camera lesser than that of the former. REDMI NOTE 10S (WINS)

4. Front facing camera: Tecno Phantom X has a dual selfie camera with a main camera size of 48 megapixel in size first of its kind. While that of Redmi note 10S is a 13 megapixel camera which is low though. But I asked myself these questions; What is the importance or need of using a large megapixel camera as a selfie camera when I still have a rear camera to use. Most of the selfies taken cannot be compared with the one take with the back camera. Reason is because another hand will take the photo for you not you taking your self. It is a waste of resources using a hug sensor for selfie. Anyways TECNO PHANTOM X (WINS)

5. Fingerprint reader: Both phones fingerprint reader are very fast. That of the Tecno Phantom X is placed underneath the display towards the middle bottom while that of the Redmi note 10S is a side mounted finger print reader placed on the power button. Depending on individuals choice but I think that I prefer the side mounted finger print reader to the one behind the screen.

6. Loudspeaker: Redmi note 10S has a dual speaker at the top and a down firing speaker at the bottom. This is just super by Xiaomi. On the other hand the Tecno Phantom X has a single down firing speaker with normal output without bass. Redmi note 10S(WINS)

Bluetooth version: Redmi note 10S has Bluetooth version 5.2 to Tecno's 5.0 Redmi note 10S (WINS)

7. Other Technology: The Redmi note 10S has a remote control sensor used in controlling all remote control appliances, a NEAR FIELD CONNECTION, Z axis vibration, Technology used in Clearing speaker when dusty and other features while the Tecno Phantom X has non of those aforementioned features. REDMI NOTE 10 (WINS)

8. Design language: I literally prefer the design of Redmi note 10S to that of the the Tecno Phantom X but it all depends on individual taste. Gorilla glass 3 is used even at the back of the Redmi note 10S. I did love the curved screen used by Tecno. It is absolutely fantastic. TECNO PHANTOM X AND REDMI NOTE 10S (DRAWS)

9. Screen size: 6.43 inch display on the Redmi note 10S versus 6.7 inch display on the Tecno Phantom X. I prefer the screen size of the Tecno device but I was amazed to see that the screen resolution of Redmi note 10S is 1080 x 2400 over 1080 x 2340 pixel on Tecno Phantom X, with such a big screen? TECNO PHANTOM X (WINS)

10. UI and optimization: Tecno's custom user interface is called HIOS while that of Redmi is MIUI. HIOS doesn't have enough features and gestures while MIUI has. Some of the noticeable difference between the two is the MIUI has features like full screen gestures, Floating window, using other apps while watching movies or playing games, availability of second space (it  means you using 2 in 1 phone. You can set different finger print, pattern and even install different alls on different spaces under the same phone. Fantastic right? REDMI NOTE 10S (WINS)

11. Price: Now here is the deciding factor, ladies and gentlemen. After going through my review, if you are still having doubt on which device to purchase I think in this same minute you will know what decision to make.

The TECNO PHANTOM X is currently selling nation wide at at least NGN 250, 000.00 for 8GB RAM 256GB INTERNAL STORAGE VARIANT. While the REDMI NOTE 10S is Also available and selling at highest NGN 120,000.00 FOR 8GB RAM 128GB ROM. This is very interesting. REDMI NOTE 10S (WINS)

SCORES    BRANDS        REDMI NOTE 10:          WINS: 7         DRAW: 8

                                            TECNO PHANTOM X:    WINS: 2        DRAW:8

CONCLUSION: This is my final Verdict, after going through these phones the major differences I noticed are:
  • 1. The selfie Camera 48 megapixel
  • 2. The internal storage space extra 128GB.
  • 3. About NGN130, 000.00 difference.

Why 130k extra on a device of this nature? is Tecno charging extra 130k for 48megapixel and 128GB STORAGE in Nigeria? To be honest these extra features are seriously negligible and one wouldn't even care.

If you want to save money and have some extra bucks for your self to purchase maybe power bank, SD CARD, EARBUDS, POUCHES, USB CABLES AND EVEN AND EXTRA POWER ADAPTER then go for REDMI NOTE 10S. But if you feel you have enough resources and you want to taste the waters first, then go ahead with the TECNO PHANTOM X. Mind you either of these phones will solve your need.

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