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Which is the best Smartphone Brand? Top 11 Quality Based Top 11 Smartphones in Nigeria & Globally

 Which is the best Smartphone Brand in the world today? Quality Based Top 11 Smartphones in Nigeria & Globally

People will say to me that I heard that a particular brand or OEM is better than the other or that a particular brand produces fake or better product?

I am writing this article with keen interest on this aspect of Question that has been causing some argument in the world today. Based on user experience, many people prefer a particular brand to the other. While others relay on other people's opinions being expressed to conclude on the best brand around the globe.

Listen guys, all brands are good based on your area of specialization. Infact each brand is unique in its entirety to others. Some brands specializes in different departments during production. 

Point to note: No matter how great a Smartphone Brand is, there is always a specific and common goal in the mind of the designers. And what is that common goal? The answer is MONEY. They all are looking for a means and medium to pile up more riches and wealth leaving consumers to continue debating on the best brands.

Another point of note: Some brands are well known for quality products, after sale services like continues system update and many more. 

So what do you do as a consumer? you need to learn on how to curb your appetite or ignore some brands because based on your taste they aren't good for you.

Is like a guy or a lady having a friend be it male or female, The attitude, character and the products oozing out of your friend doesn't match your desires and taste. What do you do in such a scenario? your will as fast as possible ignore and keep on ignoring the so friend. 

The same action is expected to be exhibited with smartphones from different brands. Permit me to educate and enlighten your cerebral mainbrane or better still your medulla oblongata, these days smartphones are the closest friend we have, even though you have friends around but smartphones makes your life, daily activities and communication sweet, sweeter and more interesting. 

Imagine chatting with your friend who is out of town, you started well and all of a suddenly your device begin to freeze and your partner at the other end is boiling waiting for a response which if care is not taken he/she wouldn't get even after rebooting the device. That's how important your device is to you.

Or imagine your boss gave you an assignment to be submitted within an hour but your smartphone wouldn't be of assistance because of its constant failure, you would be left disappointed and devastated.

My friend not all smartphones so called are smart. Most of them are glorified failures or they are smarter in failures than in success. But in a way the producers are right because there is the word 'SMART' Attached anyways.

Categorising Smartphones Brands according to method of production.

Premium and expensive Smartphones

  • Apple's iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi Mi Series
  • One plus devices
  • Google Pixel Devices

Midrange smartphones with premium designs and Low budget

  • Xiaomi Redmi series
  • Xiaomi Poco series

Midrange smartphones with mid range Quality hardwares and high budgets

  • Samsung device
  • Nokia
  • Google Pixel
  • Hauwei
  • Gionee

Over priced mid range Smartphones with High budget

  • Infinix
  • Tecno
  • Oppo
  • Umidigi

Entry level Smartphones With premium quality Hardware and cheap price

  • Xiaomi Redmi Devices
  • Xiaomi Poco series
  • Gionee
  • Nokia

Entry level Smartphones With poor quality Hardwares and high price

  • Infinix
  • Tecno
  • Item
  • Umidigi

List of Best Smartphone product brand according to research carried out globally

The list below is not based on best company name or it's net worth. But the list below is based on the best products company based on the following criteria

  • Build quality
  • Hardware quality
  • Software optimizations
  • User interface
  • Price level

Top 11 Best Smartphone Brand in Nigeria

1. iPhone

Apple's iPhone are known as expensive devices globally. Infact their devices are meant for the high class individuals. People who are ready to spend fortune out of their savings without thinking twice. And based on this iPhone devices are made and fabricated with high quality Hardware components plus a fantastic system software. This has given them an edge over the rest.

2. Samsung

Samsung products are usually good products produced with everyone in mind. Be it the low class, middle class and high class individuals. In terms of system Optimization capabilities, Samsung oneUI is one of the best plus great hardware components. In terms of displays, Samsung Devices are top notch due to AMOLED screens being used in almost all their phones. But their body protection is usually poor and the high price tag placed on their phones.

3. Xiaomi

I was tempted to place xiaomi as number one but I just decided not to. I don't really know why because Xiaomi is a brand that does notconsider price before producing high quality products targeting all tiers of individuals. From premium hardware components being used on their devices to premium quality build and protection, frequent system update to low budget friendly devices. Xiaomi is a brands that fits into all levels and categories smoothly without interruption.

4. Huawei

Phones produced are highly respected all over the world not until the beginning of their tussle with the United States of America concerning the use of hardware and even software components. Which has prompted huawei to use GalleryApp as their own version of playstore. Mind you their devices are still operating in android version of operating system. 

Their devices doesn't come cheap even with almost same hardware components when compared with other brands. Hence their placement here.

5. Oneplus

One plus devices are usually expensive and their line of production is premium focused and they are yet to make a name for themselves in Africa and Nigeria especially. You could count the users of one plus Devices not because they are bad but because they doesn't fit into the African market.

6. Google Pixel: 

phones produced by Google hardly comes to Nigeria or African Market. Their reasons I can't tell. Their devices are strong and are upto par with its equals. The fact still remain there are better brands way ahead of them.

7. Oppo

Oppo Devices are almost every where. But their pricing tactics is way too poor on their devices with cheap hardware components. They are among the leading Smartphones industries today. But their devices are overpriced in terms of hardware components and in Comparisons with other brands.

8. Nokia

Nokia are still trying to gain back their ground on their lost glory. Nokia Devices are good, great and light in weight. In terms of premium efficiency, output and Design they are right there. But many are yet to switch as there are other alternatives around.

9. Vivo

Hardly would you hear about Vivo in Nigeria. But that doesn't make them bad. The fact is there are alot if OEMS to compete against.

10. LG product are one of the best you could find. But they are not leading reason due to the fact that only those who are used to their products earlier are still sticking around as many have switched over to other brands.

11. Tecno & Infinix: 

I placed them together because they are from TRANSSION HOLDINGS and they usually depend on each other for production and Design language. They end up producing the same Smartphones with just a little retouching. Their hardware component usage is poor on their flagship Devices. And their phones are way more overpriced.

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