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How to prolong your Smartphones battery life. Stop these things before you kill & Get Your Battery Exploded

How to prolong your Smartphones battery life. Stop these things before you kill your battery & Before Your Battery Explode

Guys, in these article, I would like to bring to your notice some of the unhealthy activities that is capable of destroying your phone's battery or that could get your battery exploded.

More than 80% of Smartphones users are either ignorant or  are deliberately indulging into activities that have been rendering Smartphone life inadequate and insufficient.

I was amazed when when one of my guys smartphone battery exploded. Although I was not surprised because I saw that coming due to the unhealthy charging habits he has been carrying out. He has been using any charger that is reachable to charge his phone. More so he chargers his device using any generator that is available. Not knowing that unstable voltages and high currents can have a negative impact on the charger and the battery itself.


A smartphone is also known as a “mobile phone” because it is a device that we can carry on the go. Mobile phones are an important tool for our daily work and study. Therefore, when there are problems with mobile phones, we will inevitably feel anxious. In recent years, people continue to pay attention to the safety of mobile phone batteries. Although battery technology continues to improve, there are still potential safety hazards. 

I believe that many people have seen the “battery bulge” of smartphones. This usually indicates that there is a problem with the battery. Also, when we see some fluids coming out of a smartphone battery, it also points to the health of the battery. We should not just ignore these signs, we should be careful to avoid an explosion.

Lithium batteries – Don’t do these if you want your battery to be safe
Most smartphones in the industry today uses Lithium batteries. These batteries have many advantages, such as large storage energy, high efficiency, and reusability, etc. However, its security issues have to be paid attention to. Here are the best ways to keep your Lithium-ion battery safe

Without further ado, let's delve into the topic properly. 
The following are the activities that could hamper on battery life and even destroy the battery itself. 

Lithium batteries – Don’t do these if you want your battery to be safe

1. Avoid high impact falls

Most Smartphones users doesn't really take care of their devices. What they do with their devices makes me to wonder if some fortune were really spent on their devices. They drop their phones anyhow, anywhere and on any kind of surfaces. 
Gone are the days when smartphones are held together compactly with long and strong bolts. These days some OEMs barely use bolts on their smartphones which is why your device needs to be taken care of carefully. 

Avoid dropping your device from heights that could impact on the phone. Avoid dropping phones on mattresses and cushion from heights capable of damaging the device. Also avoid dropping your device on hard surface with force that could cause shock to the phone.

Another important point worthy of note is to avoid dropping smartphones on beds inorder to prevent sleeping on it. Some smartphone screen can be destroyed by laying on them which will increase the temperature of the device and thereby causing overheating and damage to the batteries.

2. Avoid high charging current and Voltage

Some people are ignorant of high current. High current can be generated from power source, using under rated chargers, bad cables and unstable Charging speed entering into the battery. When a battery temperature has gone above 40°C then the device needs to be checked. Because the battery could explode if the charger itself refuses to Explode. Hence the need to carefully observe change in temperature and current flowing in to our smartphones.

Sometimes, we may experience over-voltage and the current output is abnormal. If you charge your phone in such a situation, you are putting your battery at risk. Charging and discharging of mobile phone lithium batteries is actually a chemical reaction. 

When charging, the lithium atom of the positive electrode loses an electron and becomes negative. The reverse is the case when discharging. However, when there is a high charging current, the rate at which the positive electrode loses an electron becomes too fast. This causes an internal disturbance that can damage the smartphone battery.

Mostly high Charging voltage can damage the phones charger. And if a charger becomes bad and still permits voltage into the device then you need no telling that that could be dangerous. 

Low Charging temperature and current is really bad for your phone battery and even the phone itself. From experience my previous Gionee M6 got bad due to inadequate current passing into the device battery. Most times what I see while charging is low temperature please disconnect your phone. It continues until it finally affected the charging IC and hence required a change of motherboard.

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This is a very serious unhealthy activities that could impact and damage Smartphones battery. Please take care of your device. Avoid low Charging current.

It is very common for us to leave our device to charge while we go to bed. This act is actually unhealthy for the battery. Frequent overcharging will aggravate the gas production of the battery. This will increase the internal pressure of the battery and cause swelling. Of course, once the smartphone battery swells, its performance will most likely not remain the same. 

Recent smartphones come with features that stop the current supply when the battery is full. When the phone is fully charged, the battery’s electronic control circuit will stop charging. If the quality of the battery itself is not good enough, inferior batteries are more likely to cause excessive charging and discharging.

Things to avoid to prolong your Smartphones battery

  • Avoid draining your battery to 0% before charging
  • Do not frequently overcharge your battery
  • Do not leave your phone on charge over night
  • Avoid using and Charging your Smartphones simultaneously
  • Avoid playing power demanding games while charging
  • Do not use non-original low-quality chargers
  • Avoid bad cables when charging because they could cause short circuit
  • Avoid frequent charge in a high-temperature environment
  • Avoid keeping phones for a long time without using them

Also, avoid the following

  • Do not use a sharp metal object to pierce the cell itself
  • The battery should not be in a high-temperature environment above 60 degrees Celsius
  • Do not burn the battery
  • Do not squeeze the battery

smartphone battery

Do not use non-original low-quality chargers
Inferior chargers cannot provide the voltage and current that are compatible with the charging requirements of the mobile phone during the charging process. This results in overcharging, which will often accelerate the aging of the mobile phone battery.

Avoid frequent charge in a high-temperature environment

Generally, the best environment for charging lithium batteries is around 25°C. When charging mobile phones in summer, the temperature is high, and the charger generates heat. In addition, the temperature of the small surface inside the battery increases, and the body heat dissipation is not good, which is more likely to cause the battery to bulge. This affects the life span of the battery.

Avoid keeping phones for a long time without using them

Mobile phone manufacturers recommend that users regularly charge the mobile phone to about 50%. This will help in maintaining the battery and prolong its life span. Because the lithium-ion battery is mainly composed of lithium polymer, keeping it unused for a long time may cause some internal changes. This may cause the battery to swell and lose its potentials.

Fast Charging will not kill your battery

Why your Smartphones battery doesn't last and why you get short SOT on your phone?

  • Software problem and bug causing overheating
  • High screen brightness
  • Poor optimizations
  • Auto synchronisation of phones data regularly
  • When to use battery saver and dark mode?
  • Battery saver should be used when your Smartphone battery drops to 20% for better results
  • Dark mode should be used only if you are a light user and doesn't depend much on your device

How to check battery life cycle.

  • Guide : How to check your battery cycle count on your Phone

  • 1. Dial *#*#6485#*#* of phone dialer 

  • 2. Then see what number is written after MF_02 

  • 3. That is the Number of Battery Cycle counts for your device. 😊

  • Please share your battery cycle count screenshot below.

  • Enjoy..

Simple solutions to common battery faults and How to Recalibrate Your Smartphone battery.

  • Use it to 0% and charge it while switched off from 0-100%.

  • Switch it on, use it till it drops 1% and plug it back till it gets to 100%.

  • Then you can use it normally.

  • PS: Make sure you don't use your phone while charging, especially when playing games. Also, after doing the above, it is ideal for your battery to get to 20-15% instead of allow it to get to 0% before charging.

  • Whenever your battery gets to 0% and you charge it to 100%, it'll reset the battery stat. This have effect on the battery charge cycle and health. That's why it's advisable to not allow your battery below 15% at most

  • At last how you use your device would determine how well your device serves you. I have been using my Redmi 8 since December and not once have I had any of the issues some users are complaining of. 
  •  Again i will advice not to use your device while charging it or charging it overnight (although have been made to understand it has no effect on battery) but it's still better not to charge overnight.

  • Don't expect your Redmi 8 to give you Samsung Galaxy 20 ultra performance (in other words don't overwork your device by playing heavy demanding games and running app that are demanding too). Lastly always update your device as soon as update pops up, try downloading the full Rom and update manually and hard restart your device by pressing power button for like 15 sec till phone vibrate

  • Sometimes the problem looks like a software ish. If you have any pending system update? if yes update your device sharp sharp. 

  • Also try hard restarting your device by holding the power button for like 15 seconds until your device vibrate.

  • Ask your self this Questions

  • When does my battery  moves from 44 to 85...
  • What happens. long will it take the battery to get low??
  • Your  battery ain't bad please.
  • What usually happened is a case of bad charging habit.

Fast Charging will not kill your battery

Of course, some people worry that mobile phones now support fast charging and this may cause the battery to bulge. We don’t have to worry about this. When designing fast-charging solutions, mobile phone manufacturers have very high requirements for battery design and monitoring. Especially for high-power fast charging, multiple safety protection measures, temperature control, and voltage will be considered. Therefore, if you develop good charging habits, you don’t have to worry about battery life.


The battery life is calculated according to the number of charge and discharge cycles. A complete charge and discharge cycle will reduce battery life by one time. The batteries designed by most manufacturers can basically reach about 500 charge-discharge cycles. Therefore, if you want to maintain the battery, don’t overcharge it every time you charge it (full charge obsessive-compulsive disorder).

All in all, the swollen battery is irreversible. We should replace the battery in time after finding the swollen battery. Do not listen to the solution on the Internet to avoid unnecessary losses. Mobile phone charging technology is advancing rapidly. Presently, we have 100W fast charge capacity. However, we must be careful to follow safety measures with batteries. Thankfully, most smartphones now come with undetachable batteries.

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