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Learn How to Refresh Freezing Android Apps or system to Function Like a Newly Installed App or a Newly Purchased Device(First Method)

Hello guys.  I recently posted an article on How to Refresh a freezing Android app to function like a newly Installed One First method. Without power off . Its a method that is working smoothly but Incase your Android device  system is freezing along side the app then you need To take these actions step by step as listed below ;

Step 1-Tap on the Home button ( Downward At the middle of your screen)

Step 2-  Tap on the menu or minimize button (Downward at the Left side of your screen)

Step 3-  You will see all your recent working apps,  clear all of them

Step 4 - Repeat step one

Step 5 -  Press and hold the power button for some seconds until you see power menu interface showing (Reboot or Shut Down )

Step 6 -Tap on Reboot or shut down any of the options can be used

Step 7 -Wait for the system to finally shut down after vibrating 

Step 8 -  After some few seconds power on your device again. 

Now its done.  Good luck. 

Questions and comments are welcomed below using the comment box 

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