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How to Refresh a Freezing Android App to Function like a Newly Installed One Without Rebooting Your Device (Second Method)

Ladies and gentlemen, I will like to share my knowledge as an android user for some couple of years now .

Its appalling to see most android user suffer just to rectify a common and simple problem that they can in actual sense rectify or solve on their own .

This tutorial  will help you Overcome such mega problems and help you save some bucks. Yes I said save some bucks because actually Those are the kinds of problems I usually solve for guys around me most of the times and I always receive payment after offering such a kind and wonder gesture which  I  use to solve some problems for my self.

Now without further Ado I will go straight to the point with images where necessary for a  clear understanding.

The procedures are as follows..

STEP 1. Locate Your menu button

STEP 2. Now tap on the menu button

STEP 3. On the apps menu locate and tap on Settings

STEP 4. On the settings menu scroll until you find advance settings and tap in most android 5.0 upwards while Android 4.4 downward hass the apps settings directly under the settings menu

STEP  5. Now on the advance settings menu locate and tap on Apps

STEP 6. Method 5 will display a list of all the apps on your android smartphone. locate and tap on the app giving you the headache ( Ill use facebook app as reference . If its facebook app,
Then locate and find it.
Then tap on it )

NB.  Now on method 5 above you might encounter a sub-menu list by moving Right or left on your android screen.

The first is Download app.  You can easily scroll under download app sub menu to locate the app in question if you were the one that downloaded and install the app. (because in Android Os or rom
we have system apps  (Those apps that comes with your phone )
and manually installed app installed like the name sounds

 The second sub menu includes all the apps on your Sd card

The third has the running app menu

The last included All APPS MENU (i.e ALL APPS IN YOUR SMARTPHONE )


STEP 7- On facebook App menu locate and tap on Force stop

STEP 8. Then tap on Clear Cache

STEP 9. Now you are good to go. Tap on minimize button and clear all running apps.

Viola you are done. Please ask questions where necessary by using the comment box below.


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