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Updated! Learn How to Borrow Credit/Airtime from MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel

Just imagine yyourself in a scenario where you are on an all important urgent call and boom your Richarge card or airtime has been exhausted without option to purchase from retail outlet or online platforms like Quickteller and so on.

This prompted me to write this post to assist readers of MYGISTPOINT as a solution to this unforeseen circumstances.

Without further adieu II'll like to kick the ball rolling

Each network has its unique code as seen below

  • ON the MTN network,You can borrow airtime from MTN by dialling either *600*amount# or *600# to follow the instructions.
  • ETISALAT has a similar process :On the ETISALAT network, dial *665*amount# or dial *665# and follow the instructions.
  • To borrow airtime from AIRTEL follow the same simple procedure as other networks Dial *500*amount#
  • GLO users are required to create a security measure for themselves before they can borrow airtime.
Step 1: Create a 4-digit PIN.
On your Glo SIM, dial *321# to create a 4-digit PIN of your choice For example 4321
Step 2: To borrow airtime from Glo; Dial *321*pin*amount# . E.g *321*4321*200#.
Things to note about borrowing airtime
  1. You need to constantly recharge to qualify for borrowing airtime.
  2. The amount you receive when you borrow airtime is less 10% service charge, i.e, if you borrow N50 you get N45.
  3. Once you borrow airtime. The borrowed amount will be deducted the next time you recharge your phone.
  4. Borrowed airtime has an expiry date. The lesser the amount, the shorter the expiry date.
  5. You can’t subscribe for data with borrowed airtime.

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