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Full Review: Gionee P15pro Price in Nigeria

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest release from Gionee Nigeria and it is called Gionee P15pro

The major highlights of this phone are it's

1. Battery capacity
2. Screen size and 
3. It's Chipset (Microprocessor)

I would like to delve further into these areas. Gionee Nigeria has been limited to releasing mid range smartphones only since the days of Marathon series released in Nigeria. If you are conversant with their brand trends.

And this time around, they have released a big size smartphone that feels big in the hands when held.


The screen size is a huge mega 6.82-inch High Definition + display. 84.6% screen to body ratio still feels like a 6.5-inch phone.

LTPS screen production process, in-cell bonding technology, gorgeous screen transparent bright, appear on the screen.


The battery size of this smartphone is nothing short of 6000mAh high capacity battery. You can relax and expect a good battery life from this device. 

On a single battery life cycle and normal usage you should expect a 24-48 hours battery life. But if you are a heavy user and a gamer please expect 6 to 10 hours of battery life. But depend on individuals through.

Moot the user 4 days basic usa Basic call and and receive short message, formation browse listen to music small game

3.2Hours Charging time Meet the user 4 days basic usa basic call, sand and non message, information browse Esen to music, small


The triple Al rear camera gives you clear main shot without filter effect to produce quality pictures. Adopting the 8MP front camera with the advanced Al Beauty Mode, P15 Pro helps you capture the gorgeous selfies any time any where easily. keeping you radiant all the time
13 MP f1.8
This is just but a low end Camera that will meet occasional photo sessions of an individual.


MORE FOR YOU! Enjoy higher effective storage experience with 64GB ROM and 3GB RAM storage that allows you store thousands of wonderful memories including pictures, video and others
You are allowed to expand the memory capacity with a dedicated slot for SD CARD


The Gionee P15pro is Powered by MediaTek Helio G35. 
Equipped with MediaTek Helio G35 a core with 12m process processor 42.3GHz up to 1. 8GHz, to ensure a smoother experience, enjoy Sow switch between apps, sted your day usage.
This processor from fabrication is a chip dedicated to gamers. This can play your games averagely because you can't compare it's experience with the likes of Helio G90T Chipset. 

As an average user of smartphone, you won't have much problems with this device.

PRICE Of Gionee P15pro in Nigeria

Expect the Gionee P15pro to go on sale in the region of 40-50k when it is finally available in Nigeria.

I'll be keeping this trend updated on that. Do check back.

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